SF 4 stick mod question

Sorry if this was asked before but I can’t find it in FAQ or in this post

Link above (6622) - does these apply with the REGULAR (non TE) SF4 Mad Catz sticks?
I am old school and are used to the bat top sticks. I want to mod it.

Thanks again and sorry if this is dumb or repeated question.

Yes all Sanwa will fit fine and you dont need a mounting plate (SE has one already) search youtube for ShinjinSRK…He has a video series on the sticks and on video 6/8 he gives you examples of which will fit and which wont (basically all Sanwa without s brackett and Seimitsus will fit)…Series is VERY helpful!!!

Thanks for the info, really solved my concerns about getting a stick for the SE

we should have an official modded TE stick thread

:slight_smile: I know I feel more comfy after seeing those videos…I have the Sanwa buttons ready for the SE stick, you can almost press them by breathing on them…Im waiting on the stick to see if I like the square gate/ball top combo before I buy the Sanwa stick.