SF 4 Tournament at Rutgers New Brunswick 5/2/09

Street Fighter IV at Rutgers University brought to you by The Underground Gaming Society

Rutgers University
Rutgers Student Center room 454
126 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Saturday, May 2, 2009
6:00 PM

Contact: theugs@ eden.rutgers.edu (remove space)

Tournament fee: $5
1st place $100 Visa gift card (Sorry we can’t give out actual money because of University rules)
2nd palce $100 gift card

The tournament will take place on the 360. We may or may not have PS3s available.

-Double elimination.
-You may change the button configuration.
-You may bring your own controllers, arcade sticks, etc.
-If you lose, you can change your character.
-Seeding is okay as long as you request it before the tournament starts.
-You can switch sides if you want after losing.
-Nothing is banned. Do whatever you want.

Contestants will play best out of 3 and Best of 5 for semi and grand finals. If there is time (we have 5 hours), semi-finals will be best of 5 and grand finals best of 7.

Here is where it gets confusing:
We have 3 rooms for the tournament (due to small sizes and availability). They are all relatively close (next door and in the same small corridor). Registration will take place in room 454. The updated bracket will be projected there for everyone to see. We will also have a map printed out of where the stations are but we will try to keep everyone in a bracket in the same room to avoid confusion and will always have staff available to direct you.

There will be free pizza and drinks for everyone, though quantities are limited. We will try to make sure everyone is accommodated.

Please pre-register at theugs@ eden.rutgers.edu

For those who are traveling:
The New Jersey Transit North East Corridor train stops in New Brunswick a few blocks from the student center. It’s about a 10 minute walk or less.

If there is any confusion, feel free to email me. If you are traveling from a distance on the day of and are uncertain of anything, I’ll provide a contact phone number. I just don’t want to post it here now lol

Feel free to point out anything that doesn’t make sense here or any suggestions. This is my first time running a tournament.

Thanks for you time!

dude you might want to change the date because of East Coast Throwdown…

): Not possible. I wish I could be more flexible with it but the room is reserved and paid for and finals start by the end of the next week. But thanks for the heads up.

can i ask how many people you got coming? your prob not going to get alot cause of ECT :\ i would go but gfs prom is that day haha

We’re not sure yet. If we get 30 people, I’ll be happy. And thanks for the consideration at least (:

Have your prom after party at Rutgers for SF4, though.

hah yeah i wish it ended at around 6 :open_mouth: i live close by also. in phillipsburg :\

it actually wasn’t bad. even though it was a bit small in terms of players, everyone was really friendly and people still had fun playing each other. Even though I lost and everything, it was still great to meet and play with the other players. Hope there’s another one next semester with more people.

lol. ect had 150 people… i wish we coulda offloaded some of the guys to go to rutgers tourn.
hey if u have one next semster i will go

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I’ll make sure to post here when we have our Child’s Play event in the fall.

A black wired Mad Catz controller was left behind. I think it belongs to Greg. I’m not sure if he was an RU student or someone from Shoryuken. If anyone has contact with him please let him know. Thanks.

I’ll post link to you tube video here.

lol yeah, that controller’s mine. You guys could keep it, since I have a PS3 and all that. I bought it just in case u guys needed an extra controller.

and I’m from RU too.

Oh hey wow I didn’t know that was you. I also didn’t know there was another PS3 player. If I knew, I would’ve had the PS3 set up and yours and Josh’s match could’ve been on it since you both prefer it >_> Sorry about that. And thanks for the controller (:

Here are the videos of the grand final. I didn’t get it all but the second part is mostly complete and has a lot of the good stuff.


-_- I also just noticed my massive typo in the first post where i said second place gets $100