SF 4 Tourney Edition availability in asia !?


hmm seems impossible to have those in asian countries, i dunno except japan


europa too just USA


ooh man that sucks but i know that they are shipping some in UK cause someone from UK posted here asking if the price is right


is difficult to explain but the UK has a completely different market than the rest of Europe


We have 4 here in Singapore… about 280 USD each




well at least UK is in Europe


yes of course


asia is hori’s market, they sort of divide it with madcatz, that why there is no retailer for madcatz TE.



Looks like even in Japan, the Mad Catz TE sticks go for $300-plus.


Yup… I saw one SE & TE sticks in Carrefour Suntec yesterday


holy crap the price is double (>.<) i could get 2 of those or a new PS3 with that