SF 5 - FPS Issues


Hello, i am posting this for a friend of mine who is having quite a few issues with SF5’s performance.

He is getting quite high FPS drops and random teleports on his screen as well.We have googled a few fixes but nothing seems to help so far.Some suggest turning vsync off, others suggest we should tweak the engine.ini file and so on. Yet nothing helped, it actually made it worst for some reason.He even tried it on the low performance option and the game runs the same. He has tried latest drivers for the GPU,changing graphic settings but it did not help.
His PC configuration is the following

16 GB of Ram
i3-6100@3,7 GHz
GeForce GT730 2gb
Win7 x64

Thanks for reading.


Sounds like ur friends computer is doing him a favor


You’ve been here two years you ought to know better.


@RickRoss Make fun of this dudes PC before the thread gets locked.


Fuck off.


Moved to SF5 subforum so that he can get help from the community that plays it.


That vid card barely meets the minimum requirements and isn’t one of the suggested cards. It is most likely your friend’s bottleneck.


Trouble Brewing nailed it. Your video card looks to be the issue.