SF #5 preview (sort of)

On the official website (www.streetfightercomics.com), go to issue 5. The preview pages are not up yet but there is a flash containing scenes from the issue. Nothing too unexpected… Sagat fights, Bison fights, everyone a fight fight. Cammy is in the backup story again, probably (read: HOPEFULLY) to explain how the hell she got into Rose’s possession in SF #4.

Oh man this is gonna be one of the best issues. I see a hung tae kim cammy drawing. Sweetness.

:eek: Whoa!! Best issue ever. This next one seems to more than make up for the last issue’s let down.

I can’t wait to see Ryu & Sagat go head-to-head again, I didn’t mind #4 but there was only one decent fight, also I didn’t like the back-up story much.

Same here!,

But for some reason…i have an odd feeling that Sagats image is goin to be hurt more. My thoughts about this is mainly, When does Akuma appear?. Before or After Sagat gets his revenge If he even truly gets it?. I hope it doesn’t happen like in past comics, and he just gets put aside…

Birthday: 1955 July 2
Height: 226cm
Weight: 109kg
BWH sizes: B140, W87, H95
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Thailand
Special Skill: Diving under water(able to stay for over 20min)
Likes: Strong opponents
Dislikes: People who do small things
Fighting Style: Muay Thai

Street Fighter 1: Sagat was the Emperor of Muay Thai. The greatest Muay Thai fighter there was. But
that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to be the greatest fighter in the world! He hosts the first
Street Fighter 1 tournament to prove it, and great warriors from around the world come to do battle.
Sagat makes his way to the finals, where he was up against a young man named Ryu. Ryu, however, was no
match for Sagat, and Sagat easily defeated him. Seeing Ryu on the ground and that he was victorious,
Sagat let out his hand to let Ryu up, but then Ryu became consumed with a mysterious power and ripped
through Sagat’s chest with a powerful shoryuken, knocking Sagat out, winning the match, and leaving a
physical scar as well as an emotional one that would last a long time. Sagat realized that he had lost
the tournament because of an unhonorable cheap shot by Ryu, and was filled with rage at the man

Street Fighter Alpha 2: Sagat wasn’t the only one left with a bad taste in his mouth. Adon, his
student, was mad, too. Adon was mad at Sagat, for being unable to defend the name of Muay Thai from a
little upstart from Ryu (the fact that Adon lost to Ryu too is conveniently forgotten by Adon). He
tracks Sagat down, and Sagat, himself even more angry, wants to crush Adon. However, Sagat, fueled by
rage, is unable to focus on the battle, and Adon, despite being seriously injured, defeats him to become
the new Emperor of Muay Thai. [Official]

Sagat has begun to realize that the power of vengeance is limited (perhaps after he lost to Adon, or
maybe after he met Dan, though I lean towards the former since the latter makes for messy time-keeping
since they have that happen in SFA3 also). Deciding that he must train to be stronger in order to
defeat Ryu and also realize for himself the true meaning of the fight, he tells Bison that he needs a
temporary leave from Shadaloo, but he’ll be back to learn about the Psycho Power that Bison mentioned to
him about. Sagat then leaves to train himself further for the day he’ll meet Ryu, again [Official].
This is the second half of Sagat’s SFA2 ending. Note that Capcom officially stated that the first half
and his battle with Ryu did NOT happen, most likely in order to coincide with how they’ve decided that
they want Ryu and Sagat to each have one and only one ‘dirty win’ over each other (even though IMHO it
would have made more sense if it did happen).

Street Fighter Alpha 2 AND the beginning of Street Fighter Alpha 3: The scar upon his chest serves as a
reminder of his defeat… …to Ryu and his Shoryuken! He fights for vengeance alone… Then one day,
during his travels as he continued crushing opponent after opponent, he came across a fighter in a pink
gi, named Dan Hibiki. Dan himself is filled with rage upon seeing Sagat. He tells Sagat that Sagat
killed his father, and that he will avenge him. Looking at the rage in Dan’s eyes, and remembering how
he lost to Adon, Sagat begins to realize that the power of hatred is limited, and that Dan is just like
he is, filled with rage. He begins to feel guilt for all the opponents he crushed in anger, which
included Dan’s father, and that he needs something other than hatred. Realizing this, he lets Dan win
the match and feigns being knocked out when Dan hits him. Shocked at his victory, Dan cheers, now that
he has finally defeated Sagat and avenged his father! Seeing Dan’s happiness, Sagat realizes the true
meaning of honor. There is more to fighting than hatred, after all. [Official].

Street Fighter Alpha 3: Sagat returned to Shadaloo’s Thailand base to learn about Psycho Power, as
promised, but it ended up being that he’d have to learn about it, the hard way. When he found Ryu and
M. Bison, leader of Shadaloo, again, Sagat was in for a shock. Ryu was brainwashed by Bison’s Psycho
Power! Sagat is disgusted that Bison would stoop so low. Fortunately, also arriving on the scene were
Ken and Sakura, who were searching for Ryu. Sagat fought Psycho Ryu while Ken and Sakura fought Bison.
Winning against Psycho Ryu, Ryu then gets up, and battles with his brainwashing. Sagat shouts at Ryu,
demanding that Ryu not give in, because no true warrior would do so! With Sagat’s encouragement, Ryu
overcomes his brainwashing, and hits Bison, who has to retreat. Sagat then tells Ryu that he has
trained hard in order to have his match against Ryu, but that he now sees that Ryu still isn’t ready,
yet. Ryu tells Sagat that he still needs to train before they can have their final match, seeing as to
how Ryu wasn’t strong enough to resist Bison, and asks Sagat to wait for him. Seeing Ryu leave, and
realizing the true meaning of the fight, Sagat is filled with excitement and waits for their next match

Street Fighter 2: Hearing of the second Street Fighter 2 tournament being held, Sagat participated in
the SF2 tournament, hoping to finally have his clean match with Ryu, but he didn’t get it. Sagat
recalls how the title of Emperor used to mean something special, but that has changed. Now, he looks
forward to the fight! He prepares to train himself to be stronger for the next time he and Ryu battle.
Truly, it will be a match worthy of the gods! [Sagat’s SF2 Revival ending]. Note that for SF2 Revival,
Capcom removed the lines where Sagat says that the next time he and Ryu meet, one of them won’t survive.
Capcom has changed Sagat’s storyline so that Sagat doesn’t want to KILL Ryu. He just wants a good

Where Is He Now: Sagat still eagerly awaits for when he and Ryu can finally test their skills against
each other and see who is better, and have a great battle [Conjecture based off SF2 storyline].

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Quickie note from Siegfried:  Sagat's style is either Mue Tai (Japanese simple writing) or Muay

Thai. I don’t think you can write it Muy Thai.

Whoever Sagat fought in the SF2 tournament he most likely just let win.  Sagat entered SF2 mainly to

fight Ryu and when he saw that he wasn’t going to get that fight (guess Ryu might have gotten eliminated
early), he probably would have just let whoever fought him (perhaps Guile, since he’s generally
considered to be the official main character of SF2) win the match.

He became the Muay Thai god when he defeated the previous god, Nuah Kahn.  When he did that, he was

only a teen. Sagat was never a Street Fighter champion. Just the Muay Thai God. He hosted the first
SF1 tournament, though. (in general, it’s the host of the tournament that’s the final boss battle in
Street Fighter games, not the champion. There can’t be a champion if the tournament didn’t happen yet,
after all).

Although, he lost to Adon when he unstable, the move "Tiger Genocide" actually damaged Adon enough

that Adon had to go to the hospital for four months. Sagat himself no longer really minds that he lost
to Adon, because he realizes he was filled with rage at the time and after SFA3, he has matured
considerably beyond hating someone just because he lost to him.

The Rival Schools Evolution disks confirm that Sakura meeting Sagat in Alpha 2 (where she asks him

if he knows where Ryu is) did indeed take place and that they fought there (In the evolution disks, at
one point she’s getting prepared to meet Sagat for a rematch. Which isn’t very indicative of who won
and who lost but someone must have).

Sagat has gradually been twisted over time by Capcom to be more of an goodguy honorable fighter than

the badguy “MUST GET REVENGE ON RYU!” fighter that he used to be. A good example of this is how Capcom
went back and twisted established canon and how officially, he now wasn’t a member of the evil
organization Shadowloo in SF2.

From Clay:  Sagat was temporarily a member of Shadoloo. He was approached by M. Bison and did join.

I think that Sagat also wanted to use Shadoloos resources to help him track down Ryu for his rematch.
However, after Sagat came to terms with his defeat and regained his ideals (also a true warriors
spirit), he decided to separate himself from M. Bison. He is an honorable man and their isnt any room
for honor within Shadoloo. Sagat realized that he didnt fit in with M. Bisons evil intentions and that
he was being used by M. Bison.

Note: Sagats initial joining of Shadoloo illustrates just how lost he actually was (as mentioned in

the previous statement). Sagat was so blinded by hatred and his desire for revenge that he allowed
himself to join an international crime syndicate. Sagat was very vulnerable and beat-able (as Adon
proves) during this time. This shows all of the character flaws and personal weaknesses that Sagat
eventually overcame in his SFA2 ending and SFA3 storyline.

To resummarize:  Capcom of Japan has officially stated that Sagat is no longer a lord of Shadowloo

in SF2. If you play Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, there are no references whatsoever there of him being
a member of Shadowloo. The official storyline now is that he joined after SFA2, then quit Shadowloo FOR
GOOD after he realized there was no honor in being a member, most likely when he saw what Bison did to
Ryu in SFA3, therefore he is not a member of Shadowloo for SF2 (Bear in mind that Street Fighter 2
Revival / Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X (if you contest Revial’s canonity, SSF2TX has the same ending
for Sagat, anyways) overrides all previous SF2 storyline with its latest storylines and outcomes. All
other SF2 versions before it never happened now, according to canon).

On a side note, it was M. Bison that went to Sagat and asked him to join Shadaloo, not Sagat seeking

out Shadaloo to join it.

For how Sagat lost to Ryu in SF1, see Ryu's bio.  This is why Sagat was filled with so much hate for

Ryu. It was a cheap shot. Sagat overcame this hatred and beat Ryu in SFA3, but that’s because Ryu was
brainwashed. Neither Sagat nor Ryu have a clean win over each other, yet.

Go Hibiki challenged Sagat because Go was a Muey Thai fighter and Sagat was the Emperor of Muey

Thai. Go gouged out Sagat’s eye during the battle then Sagat killed him in a fit of rage. This is why
Sagat wears the eye-patch. And this happened before SF1, since Sagat has the eye patch there. And
since Dan was Gouken’s student before Ryu and Ken were.

Sagat's full name is NOT Victor Sagat.  That's from the Street Fighter Live Action Movie.  Um... EW. 

For more info on Sagat and Adon, see Adon's bio. 

Not exactly sure when Sagat became a member of Shadaloo.  I imagine he did right after Street

Fighter 1 when Ryu defeated him, which would cloud his mind enough to make him join that organization.
Sagat was a member during Street Fighter Alpha 2, even if none of his Street Fighter Alpha 1 or 2
endings really happened in their exact entirety (Like the rest of SFA1, Sagat’s ending in SFA1 should
be completely disregarded as to how he joined Shadaloo. Sagat never beat Ryu besides beating Psycho Ryu
in SFA3 and Bison isn’t really teaching Sagat to master Psycho Power)

Back when the original SF2 was first coming to the Super Nintendo, Nintendo Power stated that Sagat

developed the Tiger Uppercut to counter Ryu’s shoryuken (the resemblance between the two moves is pretty
obvious). I believe several other magazines did, too. I’m not 100% sure if it’s canon, but it’s
extremely probable that it is. In Street Fighter 1, Sagat doesn’t have the tiger uppercut. In Street
Fighter Alpha 2, he doesn’t have it either and instead has the Tiger Blow. Sagat’s ending in SFA2 shows
him tiger uppercutting while saying that he needs to develop something stronger than the tiger blow to
defeat Ryu. And in SFA3, he has the tiger uppercut (albeit in X-Ism only). Thus, he almost positively
did learn the tiger uppercut after SFA2 and in retaliation to Ryu’s shoryuken (because that’s what Ryu
beat him with. Well, the metsu shoryuken but you get the drift).