SF#7 Foil Availability

Has anyone gotten the foil cover for #7 yet? Or know when it’s suppose to come out? Checked a few shops and they said they haven’t gotten them yet. Thanks.


My comic book shop owner said next week. Dont know why it got pushed back from today though :confused:

Same here.

I went to my comic shop to get that foil today, and I got the same answer. “Next week probably.” Ahhh… Ryu’s my favorite character… I want that foil!!!

OK… I got some news today from DD & Quebecor on the Ryu Foils…

Upon checking the proofs, they found an error on the printing process and now everything has to be reprinted. So, it will be a few weeks before we can get something.

We ARE printing all 3 foils (7,8,9) together in one run so the only delay will be this first one.

Sorry for not bring any good news, but at least that clears up some questions. The moment I know the exact week, I will post the date here so that you do not have to keep asking your store!

Thanks for the heads up!

arigato gozaimasu, udoneko-sensei.

dou itashimashite!

now thats good to hear. i almost gave up my hope there when my comic shop didnt receiver theres yet:( :rolleyes: :lol:

ya, i get my comics delivered to me, and the guy said he didn’t get them in yet either, so i guess we’ll just have to wait…but it’s going to be worth it, just look at the cover, amazing!

Oh yeh, the cover looks marvelous, I can’t wait to own a copy! Its by far my favorite foil thus far, with the #2 Ken Shinryuken one second.

:mad: still wasnt in today :frowning:

Udoneko didn’t say a week he said a few weeks.

The last fax we had through from diamond said it was due out on the 26th but as always that is subject to change.

http://www.diamondcomics.com/shipping.asp has it on next weeks books list, hopefully it will stay there. :cool:

They had it on last week’s & the week before though…

thats odd, I never saw it on there before :confused:

I’m pretty sure that they did…
I suppose their confused by the delay so they don’t know fully lol.

yea i noticed this too i was like wtf where are the foils lol. i even went to several comic stores thinking it was out…finally i found out it’s not out yet.

Foil comes out this Wednesday.

The foil cover that come out today wasn’t one with Ryu on it. It’s one with the regular cover except in foil…