Sf:ac stick art removal

Is the black molding that holds the plexi and art still usable to secure the plexi and new art after it’s been removed? And is there a certain way to secure it once you’ve put it back together? It seems to be glued.

i just ripped mine off. You can put it back on easily just how it came off. ? didnt bother regluing mine because the plexi glass and artwork was secure without the glue. there is a tiny break in the top-middle of the stick. you can kinda see it from mine: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/TheKoz/DSC00658.jpg

it doesnt bother me at all, very secure.

This, just pull off the black molding. I did it that way too with no problems.

The 2 I had were not glued. The grooves in the wood should be what holds the t-molding in.

the black rubber thing around the stick the “molding” its glued on ?

if i pull it off … what KIND of glue should i use to put it back on ? wood glue ? or maybe superglue ? aralditt