SF Alpha 2 Console Port Comparison

I was curious seeing I own the saturn port of Street Fighter Alpha 2. How is the ps version compared to the saturn/ arcade. I noticed there is also Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

Anyone with knowledge like CC damage scaling, Rose strong etc,etc,etc . Can you let me know how the PS version is compared to the arcade and the saturn.


there is no PS2 version i am pretty sure of that :confused:

but there was a

SNES version wich i owned- and it wasnt very good
the PSX verios of alpha2 and alpha 2 gold are good too
but the best version is the Saturn version and i think many people will tell you that too :tup:

As far as I know, the PC version was arcade perfect, but it is also very difficult to find (legal or not). No animation frame loss, fast loading times (obviously), and training mode. Unfortunately, I lost my copy of the game during a move so I can’t fire it up to run comparisons :frowning:

I use to have the Saturn verison of A2. Seems more crisp then the psx one and the frame lost isn’t that bad on Gief like on the PSX one. Also the music sounds better on Saturn but i’m also comparing it with the Gold Verison that’s on the PSX. Been tryin to score a copy of the original PSX Alpha 2

I’ve always heard that the PS1 version was way inferior to the Saturn one. Like the intro is done in FMV on the PS and characters are smaller/missing more frames, longer load times etc…

As for the difference between Alpha 2 Gold and Alpha 2 (Saturn Versions)…

Cammy is in Gold. Color scheme is a bit “remixed” in gold. A few characters have added/adjusted supers/moves (Dhalsim for example). I think CC’s were toned down and stuff also.

If you have Alpha 2 no reason to track down Gold unless you want a really good (Arcade perfect??) version of Super Turbo (Gold comes in the STreet Fighter Collection for Saturn).

I have gold for the PS, but don’t have a saturn.

Dhalsim – new super
easier selectable hidden characters (just press the select button to cycle through the different versions of akuma, ryu, and chun li)
1 1/2 bar consumed when using alpha counters
There’s a difference with sagat, but I can’t remember. Taunt?

New things added in SFA 2 Gold:

  • Guy’s “Raging Demon-esque” super (his X-ISM super from SFA 3).
  • Dhalsim’s old school “Yoga Inferno” super.
  • Sagat’s Super Taunt.
  • CE versions of Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, Sagat, and M.Bison.
  • Evil Ryu and Classic Chun Li are available by pressing Select (or Start in the arcades) once on Ryu and Chun Li, respectively.
  • Shin Akuma and Sakura’s special colors are available by pressing Select (or Start) 5 times on their character box.
  • All 6 colors assigned to each button.
  • Custom Combos done ala VC from SFA 3 (press buttons of same strength, instead of pressing 2 + 1).
  • AC spend 1 1/2 meter.
  • Dramatic Battle, Survival Mode, and a special “Fight Shin Akuma” mode added.
  • Energy bars display blue instead of red for lost energy.

Don’t ask gameplay features because I’m not aware of them… :bluu:

Thanks man I was wondering what the differences between Zero 2 and Zero 2 Gold were too.

i think that they toned down the CC damage from A2 to A2G but i’m not too sure about this…
anyway as far as closest to arcade console port it goes like this:
Saturn -> the closest you can get…
PSX -> it isn’t as good as saturn but it isn’t bad like the snes port
SNES -> pretty much sucks… can’t figure out why they ported A2 to snes…

regarding the PC version i found out a site that had the game up for download 4 or 5 years ago but i never got the chance to download it and i forgot the site :xeye:

PC Version! I had nearly forgotten that it existed. Capcom had ported a lot of their games to PC a while back when the PC was becoming a popular platform–I believe even Megaman X3 and X4 were ported. The original SF Alpha, I believe, was also ported.

Not sure for X3, but X4 was definitely ported, as well as X5. SSF2T also received a PC port, but from what I remember, seemed buggy as shit and half the time wouldn’t load due to stupid conflicts with other software. Then again, maybe it was just my sucky PC at the time.

yep, sf alpha also had a pc port and it was pretty much like the arcade, i used to had it and i liked it but then i got more into emulation :pleased:

The ps1 version of Alpha 2 is terrible. The game “Alpha 2 Gold” is terrible, do not play it. Saturn Alpha2 is a very good port. Do play that. :wink:


-Gen’s jump has been changed in A2G
-Evil Ryu was playable in the arcade version (zero 2 alpha)…Zero 2 didn’t have Evil Ryu in it (as opposed to Alpha 2, which came out later) along with some other crap, , so when Japan released a revision of Zero 2 (A2 Gold = Zero 2 Alpha in Japan) they threw him and some extra stuff in, along with the system/character changes.
-Ryu red fireball is now hcf+p again, IIRC
-Some ACs do less damage?
-Rose gets new toards+Roundhouse move (“Soul Piede”)
-Evil Ryu has his own story/dialogue(?), as opposed to SFA2, wehre he was just a palettte-swap of Ryu.
-CCs do less damage(?)

Nope, Evil Ryu still has normal Ryu’s quotes and dialogues.

Overall damage seems to be less.
Projectiles do a lot less damage.
Alpha Counters require 1 and a half
levels of the Super Gauge to perform.
New random select

Less damage on fireballs.
Shakunetsu Hadouken now has a command (HCF+P)
Slower Level 1 Shinkuu Hadouken.

New close Roundhouse that can be linked into moves.
Jumping Fierce hits a lot deeper.

Chun Li:
1000 foot kick does less damage in Custom Combos
Slower Sen en Shu (HCB+K)
Crouching Forward can no longer be cancelled into special moves

Slower low strong and low forward and the low forward can’t be cancelled into special moves
Level 1 Jaguar Varied Assault always finishes with the jumping knee/elbow attack.

Level 1 Tiger Genocide has a lot more frames of invincibility, making easier to
override/pass through moves.
New angry charge.

The turn around head butt hits multiple times, and consequently, makes any CC involving this move a lot less damaging.

Jab Soul reflect now longer increases the damage of Soul Sparks performed during a CC.

New Super.
Level 3 kick Super has a bigger hit area.

Sodom: ?

Level 1 Somersault Justice has a lot more frames of invincibility, and travels slightly farther.
His low Jab, even though it can still be rapid-fired, has had its timing changed - it’s slower and thus harder for Charlie to chain more Jabs.
Level 1 - and possibly the other levels of his Crossfire blitz now has a smaller hit area.
Somersault Shell can be blocked in the air.
Sonic Boom travels slightly faster (?)

Reduced Shakunetsu Hadouken damage during a CC.
His taunt now hits.
Slower Super fireball.

Slower but higher jumping ability
Level 1 Knee Press Nightmare has less frames of invincibility

Dan: ?

New Sakura Otoshi (DP+K).

New Yoga Tempest Super.
Yoga Legend (QCFx2+K) has new juggling abilities at Level 3; it will connect
after a close crouching Roundhouse, a corner Yoga Flame, a Yoga Blast or a standing Jab.
Yoga Legend ‘magic grab’ glitch removed.

Punch style now has a very quick but low jump, while his jump in kick mode is very high and slow.
His Gekirou now behaves in a similar way to his SFA3 version; after the initial hit, there is a more time
to follow with more kicks. The Gekirou now also does far less damage during CCs, eliminating his high
damage CC and of course his 100% damage Custom.

All moves performed during a custom combo High Jump now do minimal damage, eliminating his very damaging
His taunt now hits.
Standing Jab to crouching Forward link seems easier.
His T+Forward behaves differently.

Level 3 Aerial Russian Slam has new juggling abilities: it will connect after a standing Jab and
one of his mashable throws.
His SPD has been changed so that some of his ticks (low jab-> SPD, knees-> SPD)
and tricks(the SPD can no longer grab opponents on the waking-up) are easier to escape.
His FAB has undergone similar alterations as well.

Champion Edition Zangief:
A common misconception with this character in SFA2, was that his SPD range was greater than the regular Zangief’s. In reality both characters had the same range on their SPD.
However, in SFZ2’/SFA2G, CE Zangief’s SPD reach is far superior (approximately the same range as an
’extended’ Strong SPD in SPD, allowing him to not only grab the opponent from a very far distance,
but he retains SFA2 Zangief’s ability to grab opponent the instant (or near to it) they stand up from a knock-down.

Evil Ryu:
No infinite CC range.

he has an ending that’s different from normal ryu
it’s also something i need to figure out 'cause i don’t understand japanese :clap:

what does this mean?

In SFA2, Evil Ryu’s Custom Combo activation stun effect would affect grounded opponents from anywhere on the screen. Unlike everyone else’s CC activation, which would only work when very close, it was possible to use this to create CCs from a much farther distance.

i didn’t know that. muchos gracias.