SF Alpha 2 / Zero 2 Alpha Color Editing


Are there any tools (such as PALMOD) to make editing palettes easier in SFA2? I know you can use Palmod for Alpha 3 but I prefer the 2nd game (alpha 3 changed too much - weak fireballs, juggling etc). Plus, unless you want to mess around with the crap X-ism or V-ism, you could only modify 2 colours per character.

Editing all 6 colours in Zero 2 Alpha would be great, but when I tried to use the old fashioned Hex Editing method, the colours didn’t match up and it has become impossible. (After using RGB_W2N, Ryu’s default colour codes never matched up perfectly to what the hexcode inside the rom reads)

Will anyone ever update Palmod to support all CPS2/3 fighters for easier palette editing?