SF Alpha 3 MAX


So I got this game for the Vita. Its actually a PSP game but is in the store to download. Heard nothing but great things about it, but my god is it just impossible to play on the Vita. The D pad stinks (playing on all d pads sucks imo and is unplayable), the joysticks are not even remotely close to being accurate at all. So if I try a shoryuken 10 times, I might hit it like 3. Its really frustrating. I dont really have any other means to play any SF games right now. Just have a Vita and an Xbox One.


Pick Eagle, Maki, Ingrid, or Sodom and enjoy their last appearance in a fighting game.


I actually had the same issue on og PSP, but not on vita. Remember that there is an option that make less difficult inputs doable. Command Type or something. As far as PS Vita Dpad, I find it awesome for fighters! SFxT and MKX work GREAT on it, and when I use it as a second pad on my PS4 for SFV it works wonders too.

I think its more a matter of getting accustomed.


Get a PSTV and an InPin