SF and the Sanwa JLF stick


Hello all

I am trying to learn SF HD remix with the Sanwa JLF stick (Square gate and no mod).

I started with Ryu because he seems pretty basic, but I have a hard time doing multiple fireballs in a row, without making errors (So that Ryu makes a punch instead etc.)

It’s the same when I practice combo’s and all the other stuff, errors piling up all the time.

This really limits my play, cause it is not the strategy I have trouble with, it is simply put the controls which is annoying. It is frustrating when I want to do a fireball…or make six fireballs in a row and then make an input error suddently.

So my question is, should I mod my JLF (Will it help?), change gate or just keep practicing? (What did you do, when you were a noob at SF !?).

Thanks for helping out.


Dude I was exactly the same with the exact same stick, I kept doing punches with ken instead of FB and DP’s, which I could do on the pad. BUT just keep practicing I PROMISE you will soon get used to it and will pull them off every time, seriously. The only “mod” i did with my stick is I put the spring that came with my SE stick in the JLF just because its “harder” and I like it that way the JLF felt a little loose for me, but nothing serious - if i didnt have that spring im sure i would have been fine with the JLF spring. I did try an octo gate too but found that i was just a lot better with the square gate after getting used to it, same with a bat top i just found the ball top more comfortable. Plus square gates are a lot better for DP’s and things like Guiles ultra on SFIV (IMO) etc.

So, yeah just keep at it, once you get used to it moves will just become second nature.


Put the game on Classic mode pick ryu and start with fbs on the left side. Practice until you stop riding the gate. You’ll start developing muscle memory where you’ll just flick your wrist to do fbs.

Then go to the right side and repeat. Do this with all of ryu’s special moves. When you feel comfortable with all of his special moves and super try doing basic combos than go to advanced combos.

This will probably take you a few weeks to accomplish. Good luck with it and don’t give up!


Ok thanks for the advice. I did’nt start on classic, because (at least here) nobody plays classic mode online it seems.

But I will practice some more and looking forward for results :slight_smile:


Have you considered switching to a charge character? Japanese sticks are great for charge characters because you can feel the corners. I prefer American sticks for Ryu-type characters.

If you decide to stick with Ryu, try to do dragon punches with an exact Z motion. In other words, you ride the bottom of the gate after the first 2 motions.

Fireballs are a different matter entirely. You really can’t ride the gate. You have to do a slightly curving straight line from down to forward so that you hit the diagonal without hitting the gate.

Good luck.


Dude. I LOVE MY JLF. Seriously. I went through all the different types of sticks out there. Without a doubt it is the best stick for me.

It has a serious learning curve.

Due to the lack of tension, I had to learn to “place” my stick where I wanted it as opposed to “pushing” it where I want. I know that sound really confusing, but after a bit time you’ll get it.

IT took me quite a few weeks to get it down. Especially DPs in ST. They have to be executed extremely quickly. If you do fireballs without really following through the entire motion, there is a high % chance they not come out. It is a very technical stick, but reward those patient enough to stick with it.


I have an Octo gate on my JLF stick, but I used to use the square, I just got used to doing smaller movements on the square gate, you dont have to ride the gate on execution, you will also find your movements get sharper and more controlled, heck even faster in the clutch! Practice a lighter more methodical touch, you will be slow and sloppy with it at first, but once you get the muscle memory down, you’ll start breezing shit out like no body’s business.