SF animated Series Episodes 1-50


has anyone ever seen it?


How is it?

where can i get it?

is it worth gettin’?

(till now every SF-thing on the tv was horrible: the movie (van damme), the alpha movie, animated movie, sf II V) is it better


Better then the Darkstalkers series that was on TV before it. Still kinda crappy. It follows the Van- Dammit storyline (bad idea) Blanka is Charlie and all that. It got better at the end where it went to a more Alpha feel there Ryu uses a super to defeat Sagat and Akuma was introduced. Don’t expect the beginning to wow you though. Worse then anything Japan produced. I would rate the series 5.5 out of 10.

I think it was released on DVD about 3 years ago, but I would not recommend it if you didn’t like the japanese product.

LOL :rofl: . if you like to see bison teaming up with guile to fight akuma, then yea its good series. :rofl:

Not 1-50, it’s 1-26 and then 1-29 is the anime, I know the person who wrote the guide. He combined both the shows for one resource. I’ve personally watched both, they have nothing to do with a tournament…just “DEFEAT BISON”

i actually enjoyed this series but ya it got much better in both animation and story as the series progressed exspeciallys after 13 and right up to 26 when they showed the alpha characters alot more

if you find this somewhere online please let me know I havent seen them in a long time

“Discipline! Justice! Commitment!”

Who could forget that motto? Even if you thought the series was crappy, you couldn’t help watching it, just like the movie.

Every character up to Street Fighter Alpha 2 except for Gen and Dan were in the entire series. Although Cammy’s MI6 group was changed (namely Luwanda/Lita for Cecelia), the saga involving her story was the best storyline in the show. The episodes with Cody and Guy, Rose and Sakura were also good episodes.

A decent show, considering the time it was shown.

Ebay has the series for less then $10 if interested look for Street Fighter Code of honor.

Every animation related to Street Fighter is available on DVD. The CARTOON focuses a LOT on Cammy, I love the way the story ends. The ANIME focuses on the three most popular characters…Chun Li, Ryu, Ken. +Bison

Yea towards the end it gets good… but damn it sucked in the begining which turned a lot of SF fans away

they never showed the t.v. series in the uk so i made the mistake of buying both the dvd boxsets and compared to the japanese streetfighter 2 v series it was awful though i ave to admit i game up watching after code of honour still haven’t opened my soul powers ones but if you guys say it improved i may have to watch them