SF Anniversary Guide is awesome

I picked one of these up today, its pretty sweet. It comes with a free 3S soundtrack, and the guide itself is quite useful. They go in depth about Kara, SJ cancelling, Negative Edge etc. Also it has what I would call very good strategies and combos when compared to other guides. They have sections in Uriens part for example on how to set up the unblockable Aegis and things like that. I’d suggest picking it up for the soundtrack alone though.

interesting…who wrote it?

yeah, it’s written by some of srk’s best apparently like Mr. Wizard.

Hyper SF AE:

Strategy and Combos: Joey Cuellar, then it lists a whole bunch of well knowns like Valle, Choi, Sirlin etc.


Adam Deats for strategy and combos, then it thanks Hsien Chang, Austin 3S and a few others.

The strategy guide is missing one thing, the daigo SF3rdstrike comeback story. If they waited, then the could’ve wrote about how Daigo outsmarted justin by parry all chunlis attack with ken and finish her candy ass of with a flashy combo. only 11 more days before the game comes out. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch Jester for telling us what’s in the guide, i’ll be getting it for sure now. Quick question though, is there frame data for either/or HSF or 3S?
Thanks man

Kamui and I authored the 3rd Strike strategy guide section. We pushed very hard for them to include all of the frame data and allow us to devote many many pages to actual strategy and tactics, and not just have a 200 page move lists with pretty pictures.

This guide has frame data for every move, something that was only available in Japanese guides in the past. The frame data is the arcade/ps2 frame data, unlike the Japanese guide which uses the DC data which is different.

If you think things like many pages devoted to strategy, advanced tactics and setups, and frame data, and all that good stuff is useful, valuable information and really helpful, then please tell Brady Games. Email them and tell them that all of this stuff was awesome and you expect this type of information in their future guides. In Japan, this stuff is expected. But over here, players haven’t demanded this type of treatment in their strategy guides. So please email Brady Games and tell them which things in this guide you really liked (like frame data, in depth analysis of characters, moves, strategy, etc). Let them know that you expect this level of detail and coverage in all of their future guides. Brady will listen to YOU more than anyone else, because you guys are the ones buying the guide.

If you want to help set a trend for all future strategy guides to focus on what should be in them, actual strategy and useful information like frame data, then please email Brady and tell them how much this guide helped you, how much you liked it, and that you expect this type of information in all their future guides. If you think it’s awesome, let them know. Also, if you think there are things that can be inproved, let them know! And of course buy the guide if you think it is good. It’s worth it just for the 3s soundtrack.

You can email Brady Games at: feedback@bradygames.com

I hope everyone likes the guide. We all worked hard on it trying to give you guys something special, and I think it came out pretty decent. There’s tons of art in it as well. Thanks.

Mopreme, I haven’t seen it yet (going to get it today) but thanks to yourself and Kamui (and everyone else who worked on the guide) in advance for all the hard work. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this guide from those who have seen it, and I can’t wait to buy it for myself today.

Yeah, not since the U.S. alhpa 2 strat guide have I seen something with alotta in depth stuff especially with the charge partitioning section…i was really impressed with that…btw, i know that mr. wizard and mopreme helped out in doing the guide but who are the other people that helped out other than kamui?..thanks guys.

Thank you very much mopreme , kamui,Mr. Wizard and everyone elses who helped for their contributions to this guide. like fighterX, i’ve heard nothing but positive comments regarding this guide. I’m sure that this guide will help out my game quite a bit, and the added 3S ost is a wonderful gift.
I’m also sure that this guide will set a great example for future north american produced strategy guides for fighting games.

I received my copy of the guide in the mail today. Great work guys.

Holy fucking shit. I was holding off on getting the SFAE guide until I got feedback, but knowing that Kamui & Mopreme and others worked on the guide makes it a MUST GET now. COuld this be a guide that actually challenges the Vs. Books SFA2 Guide for greatness? Wow! Thanks to all those involved!

AND I get the 3S soundtrack? Is this for every copy or just a limited deal thing???

Does anyone have scans or digital cam pics just to see what it looks like? (if thats allowed)

Considering buying this guide soon after hearing all these positive comments.

So where can i get this?

Brady Games website is just giving me

Sorry! We are unable to process your credit card at this time. Your credit card has not been charged. Please try again later.

Ana amzon dont appear to have it in stock yet (and also dont say if it comes with the cd)

anywhere else i could order it? (im in the UK so somewhere close to home would be nice but im all ears)


It’s pretty cool that someone that worked on the guide actually posted here. I plan on picking up the guide for sure but I am holding off on the game until the xbox version hits with online play. My old dreamcast version will be good enough to brush up on my sf3 skills :slight_smile: Hey any of you guys seen that new SF AC special addition pad for PS2 with the character in the center and the 6 button face layout. I preordered one even if you guys own a arcade stick it’s still looks like some pretty cool collectors items. Check out capcom.com and follow the SF AC link on the USA front page sry no link.

noone seems to have it in stock here :frowning: where is everyone getting their copy?

damn I don’t have a credit card, I wonder if my friend that works at Dymocks bookstore can get it in?

I just got mine from my local Electornics Boutique… it’s awesome xD

im jealous… i went and thay didnt have any in yet…cheapos. Ill go over tommorow and see whats up. Im so excited!!

I just got mine today at EB as well. Haven’t looked at much yet, but it is great for what I have seen!