SF Anniversary Scratch

My SFA disk has a tiny scratch on it, not on the underside but on the label side. I know if the label side gets damaged, then thats it. This one has a tiny fingernail sized scratch ( I put my fingernail on it and fits perfectly, though I never even touched it like that) and I can clearly see the silver inside. The game still works fine, but any recommendations on how to keep the thing safe/repair it/ stop the spreading of the scratch? (While still being able to use it? )I already have a D-Skin on the bottom side so thats fine.

Also, since when did this game become so hard to find? I was gonna buy an unopened, still wrapped one and they hardly exist anymore. I was gonna pick one up for 20 bucks, and this was only like months ago.

I would put a piece of scotch tape over it at least, to keep the scratch from getting work and possible damaging the data. A small piece of tape shouldn’t unbalance the disk.

Wouldn’t that tape fall off? While spinning in the drive bay.

it will also unbalance the disc and if the tape comes off… it might take more of the label with it.

I know it might be ugly but… maybe you could use a cd label that covers the entire surface