SF Anniversary Stick Q

I purchased a converter for xbox to pc and it doesn’t recognize my stick. It will recognize a regular xbox controller but when it comes to the stick it says that its malfuctioned… any help or links??


I don think theres anything wrong with your stick…on more than one occasion, some of my friends and people here at shory have stated that they have the exact same problem with sf sticks and converters.

Mine works with an XBox-to-PC converter.

For reference, mine’s a Super Joybox 9. I did have a no-name ‘3-in-1’ converter for GC/PS2/XB that only worked once. If you have the same white thing I did, go ahead and but the SJB9. It should be just fine, even without drivers.

If you’re trying to use a PSX/PS2 adaptor, well, in most cases, it won’t work well.

When I had Windows XP I was able to get the stick detected using a converter and I ended up splicing the cable and added a male USB and everything was good. However I have never been able to make it work under Vista using the USB/Xbox cable, the PS2 connection works fine for me regardless of OS using a mayflash adapter.

yeah, you could get a cheap ps2 to usb adapter for the other end, as they are more common and most are likely to work, such as the Radioshack adapter. There are programs like X-Padder that are supposed to work for things like that also, although I am not too familiar with them personally. The easiest way I can think of for you is to spring for one of those 8 dollar radioshack converters for playstation to usb.

I went to radio shack and nobody knew what I was talking about… I checked their site and I didn’t see it

was messing with my converter and my regular xbox controller works fine… but the stick doesn’t work :confused: