SF Anniversary Stick w/ HAPP parts + Wireless RF PS2 Stick for trade


I have** two sticks** that could use a better home as they dont get used at all.


This is a stick that uses a wireless RF signal (like wavebird) for xbox/ps2. It was originally bought off of ebay many years ago for around 130$ and was never used. When I bought it I didnt know what Naruto was and was just looking for a solid arcade stick, so don’t hate… It has an octagonal gate and the stick and buttons feel sanwa but I cant tell you for sure without opening it. The wireless works great.

Now my baby:


My first stick mod, using ArcadeStickMonks guide to replace the stick and buttons with a HAPP competition stick and convex buttons. Probably the only American case to really earn the label arcade perfect, especially with the replaced buttons (in SNK color, made around CvS2). Works with PS2/xbox and stores the cable in the case. I can dig the giant box out of my closet but I am sure that will add to shipping costs as its obnoxiously large, no poster though sorry.

Any offers PM me, if around the Bay Area then we can face to face it. Thanks for looking:rock:


Im interested in both sticks but was wondering if the first stick can be used for the PS3…Its wireless, any lag? Does it have a plexi over it?


i tried the stick using a radio shack adapter and it didnt work, probably because the stick dongle requires a certain amount of power. There is no plexi covering, but a laminated print with a foam like backing. covering up three empty holes, two next the the 6 and one under the bottom right joystick symbol.

The Anniversary stick is definitely up for trade, however the other stick Im going to mess around with it and make sure its good to go tomorrow.


PM’d for SFAC trade


PM sent.


replied to all PMs

so far trades are looking non-existant :frowning:


The DOA4 shell is now sold.

Also adding a Darkstalkers PS2 version saturn style pad without box for trade.


PM sent


Pm me price on the SFAC stick


Well I have about 9 offers for buying the stick, but Im still holding out on a trade. Ill let you know.


What kind of 360 stick are you looking for? I don’t have any spare sticks at the moment but if I can pick one up reasonably I might do so. I’d really rather just buy it… just won’t have any cash until the 15th. :bluu:


Found a 360 TE at gamestop, so Ill be selling it. Ill PM with offers




post prices, don’t do offers