Sf arcade cabinet problem

just recently got a super street fighter arcade cabinet. after playing for awhile the screen fades to black slowly and doesnt display anything yet you still hear the sounds. turning it off and on right away doesnt do anything. after waiting a couple of hours it works fine and then eventually does the same thing? any help?

It possibly needs its monitor capacitors replaced. If you know the model of your monitor and how to solder, you’ll be able to do it cheaply. Good luck.

Yeah, search for a “cap kit” for your monitor. That’s the most common fix, especially on older monitors.

thanks for the advice, does it have to do anything with the pcb?

If you work on the monitor be VERY careful with the capacitors. You have to discharge the monitor safely or you can be seriously hurt.


i had an arcade technician look open up my cabinet and look at it. according to his diagnosis, the monitor chassis pcb is dying/old and should be replaced. i wanted to see what you guys think about that. should i spend the money and replace it or would trying a cap kit first be a smarter decision? any second opinions? thanks

Go with the cap kit. It will be cheaper and most likely be the thing to fix it. The tech that is taking a look at it will always say what is going to make him the most money so always take that advice with a grain of salt.