SF Arcades?

I’m in San Francisco for the week for GDC. Are they any good arcades in town? I’m staying around Market and 4th st.


Wish I could say yes. SF State is on the other side of town, and closes by the time you are done with the conference. Metreon has an arcade, but heard it’s been spotty. It’s right around the corner from the Moscone, though.

Go to the Tilt, it’s 1 block from you on 4th & Mission. Just go into the Metreon and head to the 2nd floor.

There’s always some Marvel comp, and occasional SF3:3S & CVS2 players. Also they’re open til 11:00 on Friday & Saturday.

Yeah I was there last night, sweet arcade. 3S (was broken), SvC2, MvC2, Tekken 4-5, Soul Calibur 2, and lots of other fun stuff (crazy taxi!).