SF Artwork


I don’t know if this has been posted already, but next Friday in Santa Ana, CA there is an art event where the guy does video games and cartoon character artwork, fairly priced stuff. Very cool. Check it out http://www.jacobromeo.com/downloads.php

Here’s the event info from facebook:
Heads Up!" is my tribute to the movies, animated series, and games that inspired and influenced me as a young artist.

On March 29th I'll be having an "EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE", and any unsold work from this series will be offered at a discount. In addition I will be presenting 10 previously unreleased pieces related to the Marvel vs. Capcom Universe for only $20 a piece.

If you can't make the show you can download a free E-book with all 77 paintings and a bunch of extra cool stuff at: http://www.jacobromeo.com/downloads.php

Lastly, I am currently having a silent auction for a completely refurbished Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Arcade Cabinet with custom artwork and controls. You can view, play and bid on the cabinet any time between now and April 3rd.

GCS Clothing Store Santa Ana
209 N Broadway, Santa Ana, California 92701
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