SF avatar being requested

Not sure if this is right forum or not. If not then move to the correct one please. I need an AV made. I would like it to be an animated AV at that. My idea is to have the background animated to show a dark stormy weather kinda thing. and to have a shadow form of the shotos rise up some kinda way with the words “The Darkness is Coming”.

In order i guess it should be dark lighting sky weathr animation switching in and out with the phrase “The Darkness is coming” followed by the shadow form of the shoto’s for a brief second lightning flashes and you see the shotos and thats it. then it repeats. it sounds really complicated but i hope someone here can pull it off.

Any questions you can send me a priv msg here and ill check or u can repost here and let me know if this can be done.

Thanks in advance.

That would be hard to do in non-Prem.

I’m sorry im unfamiliar with the lingo. I’m not sure what a non-prem is. But it seems this kind of AV will be difficult to do at a certain point is what your saying i think?. If so, any pointers where i can simplify it and still get my desired effect?

I meant that the file size limits posed by not having a permium account makes it hard to accomplish your desired effect.
Id love to see someone prove me wrong.

Oh ok np. i can get a premium account thats no biggie. I would just like to see if the AV could be made for me. that would be awesome. then they could email it to me or something if they themselves cant put it here because of not having a premium account.

If you got a Prem, it could be done with out much problem.
It could be posted here by a non-prem, just couldnt be worn.

sweet. im getting a premium account later today. jsut need the AV… any takers?