SF Breast size chart!


I found this in my sketchbook. forgot i had it. anyway, i saw the same thing done with ‘bleach’ girls. thought i’d make an SF version just for fun (tried to do it with basically every girl in the sf universe but i’m pretty sure i missed a few). and some extra stuff as well…
here it is:



This is an awesome picture. Only thing I’d fix is R.Mika over Blair, but let’s not start a war over this.

The thing that kinda got my attention is a guy named “Cancer” posted a breast chart. haha


Ibuki needs to be moved up to #5 based on her new stats from the official SSFIV character page. Same with Juri who should at least be above Makoto (83cm vs 80cm).


C. Viper’s ahead of Rose too. (98cm vs 96cm)

heheh b cups


lol, i never knew they gave out actual measurements like that! i kinda just ‘eyeballed’ this based on ref that google spits out. but in light of the new info i think i’d revise the list! silly i know, but these are very important things!


wheres psylocke and storm


I like your style. Nice simple shadows (shading)


sweet work. :stuck_out_tongue:


this is so awesome lol


wow this looks great. I love the “AHA!!” at the end. :slight_smile:


Dem chesticles, nice work btw.


Nothing beats Ivy from Soul Calibur.


Who cares, it’s tits.