SF busts and PVCs pictures

Sorry if this is old news but take a look at these SF busts by Udon. They look very good! Too bad they might be a tad out of my price range though :depress:


Also here’s a link to more detailed pictures of the Cammy and Chun Li PVCs advertised at the end of issue 3.


At least I can afford these! :smiley:

The bust look cool. The green bison doesn’t look as cool as the red one though.

The 4’’ figures aren’t as hot as the bust. Wish mcfarlane made the small ones instead.

Whoh those Udon busts look perfect. Chun… so pretty.

Must…buy…Chunner…bust… :mad:

Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen the “Christmas variant cover” of Street Fighter #4 mentioned on the busts page? Or know who the artist is for the cover?

Actually, www.streetfightercomics.com has that cover in their Gallery and also under Issues. It looks pretty dope, but the stuff for issue #5 is simply too amazing for words.

Thanks you Majestros for the info.

I was hoping for more characters on the X-mas cover, but the red noses is a nice touch.

I didn’t realise the sf webpage was updated. It is designed better than before IMO. Issue 5 covers are preety damn good.

And that Akuma powerfoil (issue six) is damn cool.

wow awsome stuff there I like the BIson ones alot :slight_smile:
The new website is great, but I miss the choos your character music thing they had at first.

That Sagat cover of him towering over Ryu (#4) is the illest :eek: I gotta pick up some of that one.

I asked my local comic store to order a Red Bison bust for me.
Does anyone know if these busts will be available through diamond distrobution??

Also, any word on the possibility of 4" “articulated” figures?