SF Busts

I was going to order those limited edition busts from Rupps World comics, but realised I wouldn’t be able to afford it in the end GRRR.
Its annoying I really wanted those, however they told me (& I have ordered these with the guy who supplies me with my SF comics) that some regular busts are coming in March, I was wondering after the Chun-Li & Bison ones if any more would be coming? The busts coming in March are these limited too or are they mass-production or what? (Just want to know so I know if I always need to order them).
I didn’t get all the details on them.

these 2 X-Mas editions are limited to 250 copies each.

The March ones are the regular editions (Blue Chun Li & Red Bison) and Chun Li is limited to 1500 PCS and Bison 1000 pcs.

OK that’s cool, no offence but if I’d known the March ones were just the same characters in their standard outfits I probably wouldn’t have woried so much about the limited editions.

Are there anymore coming out in time, Ryu, Sagat, Ken, Akuma, etc?

Im sure i saw a Akuma one somewhere!

I was petty sure the limited edition Chun-Li & Bison ones were the first 2 & there has been no more, or am I wrong?

Hey Udoneko,

I ordered my christmas busts over a month ago and they are STILL not out. Do you know when these will become available? Thanks

As far as i know, your right. Those two are the first two. If there would have been others, then it would have been solicited already…

If you could,please answer,Udoneko. i hate repeating myself, but i just talked to midtowncomics and They have no idea when the christmas busts( they must of meant chrtstmas of 04 :rolleyes: )will become available. Do you have any clue? Are there any plans of any other busts that you may make? I don’t care if your answers to these questions are that you just don’t know, as long as you can please respond. I will collect every figure, bust, comic and wallscroll, etc. that you produce for street fighter. In some categories-DOUBLE. Love the comics. Can’t wait for more! Thanks in advance.

I know the busts arrived there already. I think what they are waiting for are the X-Mas #4 that was held up while shipping from Canada (where they are printed) to US. But all should be cleared by next week. Coz I just made sure that the books will arrive there next week today. So if you still get other problems, please let me know.

I think US has tightened import security measures a lot lately… but its all for the better afterall. Thou now, we gotta take into considerations of the import time of any products…

Thanks for answering.Hhhhhmmmm… when I called the guy told me that the BUSTS where not in yet, he said nothing about waiting on the comic. Strange, but anyways, keep up the good work, issue 5 looks like it is going to rock!

I’m very interested in Chun Li bust but have questions.
Check out this pic from Thirdzone.com

And now, this one from Toy News International

I saw the first pic and was just blown away.:eek: But then I saw the other pic :fury: Horrible! Chun Li cannot be that ugly!!

My question is, which is the right one? I’m guessing the bottom one, since the Xmas special version I saw on Udon website looks exactly like that (except for the color of course). Coud it be that Thirdzone is using some kind of preview photo to lure people into pre-ordering the bust? If someone could answer this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

Though I’d rather it be the 1st one I think it may be the 2nd or similar, here’s one I found which I think is the same as your second link, hm seeing this upclose in the other pic did make it look pretty bad.


Actually, both pix are not the final version!

The one on the Popcultureshock site is a computer 3D rendition of the ideal face, which is why it has that “Final Fantasy” look that is not too realistic if you look closer to it.

The one on the Devils Due web site is one of the trials that got rejected and they probably mistakenly put that picture up.

I got my REAL PRODUCTS in and I just took a picture of it so to show you how it really is -

Check here

Hope that solves the mystery…

The one I ordered is the standard but it will probably look the same in features, if so, one word, QUALITY!

Thanks for the pic udoneko.
Even though it’s just one shot, that certainly looks much better than the one in the 2nd pic of my post.:smiley:
IMHO though, I would’ve prefered the one in the 1st pic (3d model based, unrealistic looking).
Hopefully, there will be a thorough photo review of the item

I just got my Chun-Li X-mas bust, and I must say that its great, looks very nice. I hope you guys are going to do a Sagat one real soon. Keep up the great work with the comics and these busts :cool: