SF cabinet button layout (wtf?)

Didn’t know if this should go here or in GD, but check out the button/stick layout on this SFII cabinet currently on ebay. WTF? How would you even play? Talk about a shit conversion…


WTF indeed. Only explanation is the guy who made the panel never ever played a video game :confused:

holy mackerel

Yup WTF! is the only answer.:confused:

Lmao, I guess you could stand sideways and then crane your neck to see the screen.

This really needs exposure in GD, but I think leaving it in here for a bit would be good. I’ll move it later.

And really, whoever he bought it from fucked him over, that’s why it’s selling for $50. I’ll be surprised if someone bids on it…:confused:

It might be worth it to get the board, and maybe you could mod the cab?

That’s awful. The guy who put that cab together needs to be fucking shot. Then he advertises it as classic. Good job RUINING a classic.

wait wait wait… if this thing works, can’t i just replace that panel? It’d be worth 50 bucks then. Fuck the guts, I really just want the cabinet.



I’ve seen world warrior era cabinets with that layout.

Hell, in mexico the joystick is on the right side.

Man that is so weird! And look at the gap between them buttons! I’d probably get cramp trying a spinning clothesline on that.
For me though the strangest layout I’ve ever played is with the buttons lined up vertically in 2 columns, needless to say I only played that cab once.

It’s hard to tell if you would have enough room to do the controls right, but it looks like the buttons are overly spaced out, too, so it may be possible. What size you think that screen is? 17" maybe?

:Edit: heh ^ beat me to it, reko.

In the words of Alex,“Jesus!”

i would like to see some matches played on that " thing ".


Here’s another gem. A Rainbow board being advertised as a Capcom original. I guess it doesn’t really say anywhere that it is a Capcom original, but it also doesn’t say that it is a bootleg…and pretty much implies that it’s an original version. I love how the pictures are all of demo mode, and not of anything that would give away that it’s a bootleg (such as Blanka throwing sonic booms while electrocuting or Ryu throwing double fireballs). I even PM’ed this guy, through ebay, when it was listed (and did not sell) two weeks ago…in case he wasn’t aware that he was falsely advertising this board. Apparently he doesn’t care. :lame:

And yet Daigo can still own you guys up on it.

And you as well. What’s your point? Oh, this must be your auction… :clap:


I’m not even sure if CLOTH HAND could use that thing… :confused: