SF Characters: Alternative Story Synopses

In an effort to do justice to the numerous Street Fighter characters, I’d like to do an alternative take on their individual stories. These would come in the form of paragraphs outlining each character’s back-story, progressive story line, and current status, but based entirely on my own perspective of Capcom’s canon. Some characters may be completely different while others may be similar.

Here’s how it works:

You, the reader(s), post which character you’d like me to write about, and I’ll write the synopsis within two days of the request based on the earliest response.

I’m completely open to constructive criticism and suggestions, and if you notice any errors, I’d be happy if you pointed them out so they may be corrected. Ideally this activity will spark some imagination and inspire some ideas for you readers while giving me consistent writing practice.

So, if anyone is interested, feel free to launch the project by posting up a character.

Appreciate it! :tup:

i do this a lot with fan art. its a great idea. kind of like doing a what-if, but making the viewer think “yeah i can see that / that makes sense.”

Gimme some Dic… (tator)

I second this notion.

and Claw please.

Will do! Thanks for the responses!


  1. Dictator
  2. Claw

Also, please take note that I will most likely avoid entertaining SFIV’s stories unless it is an SFIV character.

Awesomes~ Looking forward to it!

Sorry for the extremely late reply!

Here is Vega (Dictator)

Name: Vega (a name given by his father/commander in the Israeli army for his supreme fighting prowess) <---- No, Vega has no meaning that I know of, but wouldn’t it be nice if it did!
Fighting Style: Krav Maga with heavy Muay Thai influences.
Nationality: Israeli
Personality Traits: Extremely motivated and precise. He seeks to be the strongest and perform the best, but he also hungers for power to improve beyond normal human limitations.

Vega was born into an Israeli military family. After completing his mandatory military service, with the help of his father, Vega enlisted in the Special Forces division, and it was through this training that he developed a love for the combative arts and applications. However, despite his astounding success within his company, Vega grew discontent with working for the government. As a result he defected from the Israeli military and joined a mercenary squad in Thailand. At the time they fought for various militias against government control and oppression, but soon the small group of mercenaries (inclusive of Rose, Balrog, and various other no-names) grew into a larger organization of innumerable members; of which Vega became the leader. Vega, now the strongest fighter in the organization, made the decision to ?upgrade? the team from mercenaries to freedom fighters. And, as the newly named ?Shadowloo? grew larger and larger, Vega?s ambition for overthrowing the governments of the world surged uncontrollably. Many saw this as a dictatorship rather than a freedom organization and decided to leave Shadowloo (namely Rose and Sagat), for Vega had begun developing his own utopian society based on concepts in direct opposition of the general ideals set by different governments. Nevertheless, considering the size of both Vega?s influence and the Shadowloo organization, Vega continued his conquest of the underworld for the sake of making up where governments had left off (in his opinion).

After establishing Shadowloo as a global organization for freedom from government rule, Vega began to research the use of martial arts tournaments to recruit strong members, make his presence known in the underworld, and gain favor among the people. Although many saw opportunity in his offerings, others would not take to his dictatorship; as they did not agree with his point-of-view. Of course this did not prevent Vega from attempting to force his ways on others through various means (brainwashing, blackmailing, etc.), for it infuriated him when smart warriors, scientists, or businessmen (people whom he deemed worthy of his organization) embraced the corruption and oppression of the country-based governments over his simple proposed utopia; despite the fact that Vega himself had fallen into the same darkness that drove him away from his own government (in Israel).

On the other side of the spectrum Shadowloo appeared to be a corrupt black market organization and assassin squad. With working knowledge of the various means of recruitment into Shadowloo, many intelligence agencies around the world utilized underworld connections to make attempts at getting people into the organization (tournaments, personal contacts, etc.). However, due to Vega?s immense intelligence and detail-oriented demeanor, no agency ever successfully penetrated Shadowloo (one such failure being Chun-li?s father).Thus Shadowloo continued to expand while circumventing governments across the world and eliminating any opposition.

Current Status: Alive
In one of the major underground tournaments held by Shadowloo, Vega challenged the winner (Chun-li) personally because he was intrigued by the strength of the warrior and suspected that she was working for another agency. However, before he could kill her, his brainwashed elite guard, the Dolls under the leadership of Cammy, initiated their plot to betray him which was concocted by Cammy after becoming self-aware (she also helped recover the various Dolls? memories). Although many of the Dolls were killed in the battle, with Chun-li unconscious, the remainder managed to take Vega down; however, they did not kill him. Instead they utilized Vega?s own brainwashing techniques and left him in Europe with no memory of his previous life.

He now wanders Europe searching for an identity.

Sagat ? In Thailand Vega met Sagat during of his missions with the mercenary group. Seeing that, at the time, Vega was both a talented fighter and an advocate for freedom from government rule, Sagat joined him in forming Shadowloo. Considering the tournaments as well, Sagat figured he would be able to meet with Ryu again through Vega?s ambition for having fighters in his organization. Eventually, however, Sagat realized that Vega was falling prey to the very things he wanted to fight, thus he left Shadowloo and became an enemy to someone he once called ?Friend.?

Rose ? Another member of the original mercenary group, Rose was the first and only love interest to Vega. However, like Sagat, she saw him gradually becoming obsessed with the power he?d gained, and she could not convince him of that. So she left him and embraced the fact that she would become his enemy as well.

*Balrog [Claw] * ? The original leader of the mercenary group, Balrog was taken by Vega?s capabilities and decided to give him leadership over the group. As Shadowloo?s top assassin, Balrog trained Cammy and the Dolls to be assassins as well to keep Vega safe, if need be.

Chun-li ? Vega murdered her father, an Interpol undercover agent, because he attempted to infiltrate Shadowloo by winning one of the Street Fighter tournaments. Chun-li vowed vengeance against Vega and trained years to become strong enough to combat him. Unfortunately she was defeated after earning the opportunity to fight him.

Vega is a Spanish name meaning “Meadow” as far as I know. It’s also a star constellation.

Though ooooo good read <3 I like! Can’t wait for Claw’s.

Sweet :smiley: Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll have Balrog (Claw) up by tomorrow.

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Here is Balrog [Claw]:


Name: Balrog (given by his father after he returned from Japan in light of his fighting prowess)
Fighting Style: Omura-Do Taijutsu
Nationality: Spanish
Personality Traits: Intensely disciplined and dedicated to his art; he demands a strict level of respect from others.

Balrog was born into an aristocratic government family in Spain. His father, CEO of an industry-leading military vehicle development company, and his mother, political representative for Spain in the United Nations, took great pride in their legacy (as their positions were inherited and their marriage arranged). Balrog, however, was not the same as his parents. Much like the kids of modern times, he saw no worth in a name or title, but he appreciated the fun of being and young and alive. As a result, after becoming international business partners with the CEO of a Japanese military developer, Balrog?s father sent his son to Japan to learn proper discipline and respect from the prestigious Omura family. It was through this important Japanese family that Balrog learned not only taijutsu, but the essence of respect and discipline for which he would keep indefinitely after returning home (from around age nine to age twenty-two). His personality, now influenced by the Omura family, changed from an outgoing and care-free child to the most disciplined and respectful of men. However, Balrog?s parent mistook this change for his growth into a true noble aristocrat; instead, he became very cold and dark, caring only for his appearance and his martial art. Also, he demanded a level of respect from his parents that they could never satisfy. Thus, he became a bull-fighter to keep away from his family; something that he very successfully achieved due to his natural agility and twelve years of taijutsu practice.

Two years after starting his bull-fighting career, Balrog?s father was killed by assassins working for the government. Although Balrog was never formally told this, his ninja skill set proved helpful in acquiring information that the government had held back from his family. However, upon informing his mother of the truth behind their tragedy, she committed suicide for fear of the government coming after her. Traumatized and bewildered, Balrog needed to leave Spain to clear his mind and escape his tumultuous world, so he moved to Thailand (money from his matador career, and money left by his parents were satisfactory for two more lifetimes). In Thailand he found a mercenary group that was in opposition of the local government. Motivated by his family?s tragedy, he joined the group with the hope of being completely immersed in the work provided, and he hoped to continue his taijutsu training until he reached a level that would remove all feelings of sadness or despair from his body.

Working with the small mercenary group for only a few months turned out to be a very informative time for Balrog. Although he had successfully carried out multiple assassinations for the group and had secured a leadership position with the ?cleaners? of the mercenary camp through high-level recognition, Balrog found himself in awe of another member who had similar qualities to his own. Vega, an Israeli soldier, reminded Balrog of the father of the Omura family who?s strict and harsh ways resulted in Balrog?s remarkable discipline. Soon after the completion of their tasks in Thailand and various other countries under the command of Vega, to whom Balrog had surrendered his leadership, Vega invited Balrog to join his group: Shadowloo. Balrog, admiring Vega strongly, accepted without hesitation.

Shadowloo grew at an astonishing rate, and with Balrog carrying out his job as lead assassin perfectly, the fear Shadowloo resonated across the world. Despite this, however, Balrog began to fall out of his disciplined demeanor. Although he had developed flawless technique, remarkable health, and superior emotional control, Balrog found that working as an assassin was unfulfilling and empty. Nevertheless he was dedicated in his service to Vega out of respect for his strength and intelligence.

Once Vega began his brainwashing and assassination campaign against those that betrayed him, sought infiltrate him, or refused to join him, Balrog found himself bombarded with work again. This time, however, he was employed to teach twelve teenage girls taijutsu and various military methods such as reconnaissance, intelligence, and medicine, in order to form an elite personal guard for Vega himself. In addition to this he was also assigned to assassinate Rose, Sagat, M.Bison [Boxer], Cody, and Chun-li using any means necessary, including the Dolls that he had trained.

Balrog was successful with his assassination of Rose and Cody, but before he moved to the others, Balrog became overwhelmed by the murder he had performed on Rose, for she was previously his subordinate and greatly reminded him of his own mother. Falling apart emotionally, Balrog decided to leave Shadowloo at the conclusion of the latest Street Fighter tournament with the Doll he had come to secretly love (Decapre). But, to his surprise, his primary target (Chun-li) appeared to face Vega in the final match. Expecting to see another woman perish in opposition of Shadowloo, Balrog was astonished to see that the Dolls, having become self-aware, attacked Vega. He watched as the Dolls fell one-by-one, but he never went to help because he could not differentiate his love for Decapre from his respect for Vega.

Current Status: Alive
Despite the immense bloodshed of the battle, Cammy and Decapre stood above Vega victoriously, and Balrog felt, for the first time in almost twenty years, relief. With Vega?s defeat at the hands of the Dolls that Balrog had trained, he felt that Vega must not have been the man he admired so much. Instead he realized that it was his own abilities that have been the center of his attention, for he had produced power greater than that of Vega?s own. Thus he left Shadowloo with Decapre to learn what life is like without being filled with death and grief.

He now lives in Japan with Decapre as his student trying to become the child he had been before.

*Chun-li *? A government agent seeking vengeance for her father?s murder. Balrog is sent to kill her, but he secretly chooses to avoid it after his emotional collapse from the Rose assassination.

Sagat ? Vega?s closest subordinate and former Muay Thai champion. Killing Rose changed Balrog?s perspective in a way that gave him more respect for Sagat as a warrior, thus he chose to leave him to his own personal quests.

Cody ? A local brawler whose skills caught the attention of Shadowloo. After winning one of the early Shadowloo tournaments (before they acquired the name Street Fighter) Cody refused to join Vega?s organization. Balrog carried out his assassination per Vega?s directive but suffered severe injuries from the battle.

*Cammy *? Vega?s appointed leader of the Dolls and his personally trained bodyguard. Balrog watched Cammy become self-aware, but he chose not to interfere because he had become emotionally compromised in a similar way after killing Rose.

Decapre ? #1 assassin within the Dolls and Balrog?s love interest. She was Balrog?s best student and the most human of the Dolls. Balrog began to feel attachment to her during training and was centered on making her as strong as possible for he feared of her death at Vega?s hands (due to the Dolls possibly becoming self-aware). She showed signs of similar feelings after Cammy released her from the brainwashing. Without memories of her past, Decapre chose to start a new life with Balrog after Vega?s defeat.

Ken ? Student of Gouken and world-renowned martial arts champion. Balrog met Ken in one of the earlier Shadowloo tournaments in which Ken was the winner. Balrog challenged Ken because he felt that Ken showed no respect the arts he had learned and the tournament as a whole. Ken, however, defeated Balrog and was not pursued by Vega because of his family?s prestige.

M. Bison [Boxer] ? An underling within Shadowloo and former boxing champion. Balrog was sent murder M. Bison after he fled Shadowloo for unknown reasons. Seeing no point in going after him as M. Bison would likely get killed on his own, Balrog left the boxer to his own vices.

As a side note, if you’re wondering why Cody managed to put up a fight against Balrog, I consider Cody to be a practitioner of traditional jiujitsu which is somewhat derived from Balrog’s taijutsu art. Thus they would be almost equal with a slight advantage in Balrog’s favor due to his use of a weapon and superior agility/speed. If only I could draw well :sad:

These, in all fairness, would make excellent alt.story paths if Udon were to draw such a thing.

Brilliant work so far, it makes quite the different story.

very nice job. ORO and NECRO please!

Wow, sorry about the delay Artayes! I hadn’t realized that someone posted on the thread. Expect something within the next few days :smiley:

Charlie and my darling OC, hehehehe, or Charlie and Abel

Will do!

I would have to go into depth with my OC, so let’s stick with Charlie and Abel for now. The basic story of my OC is that she’s the daughter of Bison and Rose. Finds Charlie in A2, saves him, and disappears. She’s kind of Sakura to Ryu about Charlie, follows him all over the world because she knows he’s going to stop Shadaloo. Charlie “blows up” in A3, and she searches the world for him.

Pretty simple,hehe.