SF Combo Training Software like Guitar Hero


Hey there,
I have an idea to create a program that is basically like Guitar Hero for training you to land Street Fighter combos. I don’t really have the time to commit to programming it from the ground up but am looking for people to help create it. I am able to provide graphics for it. Here are some buttons and joysticks I made.
http://imgur.com/a/xpjrQ and http://imgur.com/a/bcq6T (better buttons)
Here is my post from the SF4 subreddit:


So basically you have this idea for a program/minigame, but you won’t be able to help with anything lol. I see the effort toward button graphics, but tbh it’s difficult to discern which ones are regular and which ones are actually pushed down. I think an easier solution is to simply color the button differently when it’s pushed down.

But anyways, the graphics is not so important. The programming behind it is more important. “Software” and “like Guitar Hero”: so would something like Stepmania fit the bill? No need to re-invent the wheel. Stepmania is open source, and in case people don’t know what Stepmania is, it’s basically a port of the original DDR1. Stepmania is pretty evolved, so it can even handle Xbox 360 controller inputs. I’m fairly sure this means you can also use your Xbox 360 stick, but dealing with inputs will still be tricky if you want to guarantee support for PS3 controller/sticks for example.

Since you’re asking for it to somehow be compatible with other games, I think the best approach is to simply create a record macro function. Again, not needing to reinvent the wheel, Stepmania also allows this, which is one of its options at the game menu.

So finally, the best way imo to go about this project is to use the free and open source Stepmania code, and adapt it to your needs. Such requirements you listed (which are not already covered by Stepmania) are:

  1. Ability to record button presses even when the game/window is not in focus, since you’d ideally want to be attempting the combo in the actual game, and simply have this program run in the background and record your inputs.
  2. Ability to recognize 360 and PS3 controller inputs.
  3. Recognize several simultaneous inputs, including negative edge (e.g. PPP/KKK for ultra, or perhaps Fireball release for Juri). Stepmania may or may not be able to handle this; we’d have to check the source code.

I’d be willing to try it but I’m too busy playing the Game of Life. Maybe if we can get a couple extra programmers together? But I don’t think there are many members of Team SRK who can code, lol.

edit: Notice that this is a PC only solution, and I just noticed you wanted it to work with P4A and Tekken (which do not have PC ports). If you wanted such a universal solution that you could do that, you’d probably be looking at a (small) embedded system, with the controller as input, and the embedded system outputting to the console. If wired/programmed correctly, there should be negligible input lag (in case you’re worried of that). Perhaps a cheap Arduino would be enough for that kind of project, but then you’d have to do everything from scratch (not difficult, but probably time consuming).


Thank you for your reply and interest, I did see that there is an open source of Guitar Hero called Frets on Fire, which could also be adapted and used. I hear ya about playing the Game of Life, time is so scarce and valuable. Speaking of which, I better get back to studying :[
Hopefully this thread can gather more interested folks interested in helping out. I do think another idea instead of the button push graphics would be to have them light up with bright light ala Guitar Hero.


An xna tutorial with a simple program that reads inputs and compares them to preset combos already exists. You can probably modify it.