SF comic cover question?


I have been gone for awhile so I have missed out on the past few SF issues. By now everyone knows who my fav character is. I need help. What issue number was Elena on the cover, Im trying to track down that back issue? I know it was her and a few of the other SF girls on the cover.


It was #3 cover B by Kevin Lau.


Thanks, and is that the only special cover she’s on? Besides the 1st issue all character cover?


NP, & yeah that & #1 cover B by Arnold Tsang as you mentioned are the only covers featuring Elena.


Well, everybodys supposed to get a Power Foil cover, so at least we know well see her once more… :frowning:


As we get closer to the SF3 arc we’ll probably see each SF3 character in atleast 3 covers IMO, that’s not including the previous Elena ones.


Man I want a Elena power foil cover so bad!:frowning:

It’s taking forever for the SF III arc to be made. I could care less about the Alpha series stories.


Too bad. :wink:


Six issues is “forever”, now? Give me a break! I like Elena as much as you, but get a grip!

Thats exactly the kind of fanboy-ish thinking that made the first arc so lame.

Comics need development. If anything, the comic should move slower, not faster. 6 issues for one arc was not enough.


Trust me, you do not like Elena as much as K-Dog does.

I’m anxious myself for them to get the SF3 Arc since not too much has been done with SF3. No Animes, two Horrible Hong Kong Comics, and Masahiko Nakahira’s Ryu Final Manga that did not feature all of the characters. I’m willing to wait and I hope it won’t turn into something where everybody from SF2 will show up in that arc. Maybe Capcom packaging SF2 AE with SF3 for the PS2 will finally get people to like the cast of SF3 and realize they can stand alone without a bunch of SF2 guest stars.


No you dont! Do you spend hours searching the net for pictures or looking for what little Elena merchandice that there is? And when I get the money I’m gonna get a tatoo of her on my arm, and maybe a huge picture of her on my back!

The reason I want them to get to the SF III arc is cause there is already tons of SF 2 and Alpha comics and manga already.


well i guess u’ll hav to wait some more for ur fav sf babe to roam around free on ur ps2 as well

sfIII neva gets a break, huh? glad its finally makin it to a gd home console