SF comic original art?

I collect original art from comic books, and after seeing issue #4 I’m really interested in getting some pages from the SF comic. I know about the artbooks available from the Udon store, but are the original pencils/inks/etc. available, or is there someone I might contact about them?

It looks like they were selling some at the NY Comic Con:


I’m curious as to how much each went for. I would love to own some as well.

I’d guess they aren’t selling any originals but you could try contacting them about it.

In those hyper links, those would be other things besides the original drawings that were used in the comic production.

For any who may be curious–I contacted Club Udon, and was informed that Alvin Lee doesn’t want to sell his original pages, but that there are plans for more sketches of the type previously sold on the Club Udon website. A big thumbs-up to the people at Udon for getting back to me!

I talked to Alvin Lee and he said he would rather get kicked in the balls than please the fans.

and this is true.

I’m sure you’re quoting him out of context, if he even did say that at all.

Hiding behind the computer and make up stuff like that deserves kick in your balls X 100. Wait, you just have no balls… so maybe we will just kick you in the ass X 100 instead.

Everyone who has met Alvin would know that he is one of the best guy in the industry to his fans.


What are you doing here? I thought you wernt going to post here anymore cuz srk hurt your feelings really bad. oh well.

Anyways, I HAVE met Alvin and he DID say he hates the fans. Ban me if you like. I stopped paying for your crappy comic a long time ago so you dont have to worry about losing a customer.

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I don’t think anybody believes you, dude.

do you have a tape recording him saying this? DO YOU HAVE A WROTEN paper him telling He hate the fans? DO YOU?Do you have PROOF? if not then your a damn liar

he hates the fans? i played ST with arnold n alvin three years ago. why would he hate the fans?