SF Comic

Would any of you guys want to collaborate SRK artists to produce a fan comic? I got the idea when I saw the close juxtaposing of the fanart and fanfiction sections and thought “Hey, an SRK comic would be a pretty cool idea!” I have a thread in the art section if you wish to participate… It’s been difficult to get any participants though.

Hanzou also has a thread but he wants to produce an art book. Maybe we could put a collection of stories in there as well.

I’d like to produce a comic that would showcase, along with the fighting, the daily lives of the fighters, and present it in a more American styled narrative where the story follows one character for a longer period of time and where the reader doesn’t know everything that’s going on. (I. E. A character’s life story is not told in a single or series of flashback/s, but rather through conversations and the characters attitude.) Also, the characters would change clothes every now and then.:rofl: C’mon… Chun Li isn’t wearing a blue and yellow jump suit all the time! And what about Zangeif? I hope he dosen’t go to pay his bills in those tights… Oh well, if someone commented, he’d probably just tell them that he’d break their arms. (Graar! For Mother Russia!)

I’d also really like to dig into the crazy life and backstory of Vega. Gentleman by day, murderer by night. There has to be something that caused this event. Plus he’d wake up in the morning, all gentlemanly, and not remember a thing, only to read in the newspaper that this claw wielding “Vega” (I wanna make that his beauty-obsessed alter-ego’s name.) has committed all these heinous crimes. It’d be like a dark whodunit story, only the protagonist is also the antagonist.