SF Comics Website Banners

We’re all hoping for this comic to do really well because it could mean a lot for the SF crowd if it did. A lot of people here have websites. I’m sure any linkage to http://streetfightercomics.com would help and be appreciated.

So we’re gonna need banners. I’m sure Erik Ko is pretty busy these days, so maybe you crazy graphics experts can whip something up in the meantime. Then Erik can give his approval or point out any problems with it.

Anyway, this is the banner i use for my links page. It’s pretty bootleg but it’s not bad right?


Here’s the links page itself …


What do you guys think?

Maybe someone from Image Mishmash could whip up a good banner for the site.

p.s. You gotta update that site of yours, and come to ZZ more often. =]

I think I will put a link on my site.:smiley:

what is a normal banner size that you would need?

I would say atleast 200X50.
Thats for the linkage.

The banner size i need for my site is 210x40 pixels. But common sizes for website banners are 468x60 (full banner), 234x60 (half banner), 120x60 (medium button) and 125x125 (square thing).

As far as updating my site goes, i’m working on something so just wait a little longer : )

And i’ve been going to ZZ arcade a couple of times a week since school started up again. There’s a lot of CvS2 comp but i’m always the one pushing everyone’s limits and that gets exhausting after a while. I have to force myself to be exciting and do new things when i don’t really have to in order to win against anyone but Kavin and Doug. But Kavin doesn’t really enjoy CvS2 much so he never plays serious and that catches up with him, and i’m not sure where Doug and i stand. Last i heard he didn’t like me much or something. Pointless would-be drama.

Anyway i don’t really want this to go off topic. There are no prizes or anything for making super crazy dope banners but if you are bored and have a crazy inspiration or idea, give it a shot.

i will put link buttons for this in all my sites


so, who’s making the banner?


Nice, it looks pretty cool

snake wins :smiley:

We need more competitors : )

I’ll make one next week:D