Sf culture question

OK, I’m originally from Detroit, MI but i gotten more serious about SF ever since my mom moved us to the south 4 years ago. And the question i posing to you guys is now that I’m living in the south but i since consider Michigan to be my home would i have to be see as a “Georgia Gamer” if i gotten better and started to compete or would i be able to retain my Michigan status and be able to be recognized by Michigan players, be able to join teams in Michigan, and overall be a Michigan player? Just something that has been on my mind and i would like to have your feedback on that.

If you’re a friend it doesn’t matter where you’re from

and it’s not that strict dude

are you free agent status, or were you actually traded?

you will never belong.

Actually, the tracking device we attached to you when you started playing can’t be overridden. Sorry, you have to be a Georgia player.

O_O REally?

Yeah, um if you weren’t good when you were there i’m pretty sure you can’t claim that place. If you moved back to michigan for a while this might be up for debate, You could call yourself a michigan scrub and a Georgia player but that doesn’t sound that great.

Also joining a michigan team while living in Georgia seems like a hell of a commute.

well i want to join TFA

Does anyone even know who you are? If not it doesnt really matter. If people do know you then it still doesnt matter.

No matter where you were born or live, people will respect and recognise you according to you’re skill and nothing else.

Don’t forget winning personality!


You’re right walnut, personality of course! :smile:
Nobody likes a sore loser or a gloating winner.