SF Cutie wanting an AV


Hi i would like to request a Urien sig or av … will be most grateful Thank you^^



All the cuties rock this



im bored so ill make you one too…:party:


heres mine lol :clap: :xeye:


pics plz


all this av needs is “giveurienachance” and then it’s perfect:tup:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so true


hahaha that would be good…i actually did it as a joke. first trying to do the david hasselholf gif you posted shatter. but it actually looks pretty good. i’ll put the words in tomorrow. i need to sleep for work



Great idea. Heres my take on it.

Hope you don’t mind SunocO


haha i don’t mind at all but i can’t see what it says~ maybe don’t let it blink?


it says:

"Give Urien A Chance


hahah i know what it says~ i meant it’s hard to read it~ i like the font choice though


it’s not the font, it’s the color. it should be red. also, dosent Urien sorta look like a smaller Batista…:xeye:


I tried to help with the GUAC, but it was a no go. Everytime I tried to make the words red…they ended up brown when it was saved. No matter what color I tried (other than black and white) I ended up getting a dull version of it that looked nasty.


ewww you watch wrestling? um um:confused: :confused: i just happen to know he was a wrestler cause when RUNS AWAY



Yeah, Thats what kept happening to me as well. Which is why I just used the black and white. Matbe if its just white it would be better? I’ll try it out.


I read this and I felt loved.

See Adam Epstein





Did you guys even notice that this was her only post on srk?


Lmao…I guess what they say is true, A cunthair could pull a battleship.