SF Devotion fan art contest - DEADLINE EXTENDED!


you guys interested? possible chance of winning a sketch by Udon’s own Alvin Lee!

as a side note, I’m sorry I haven’t been more active… I’ve been busy at work and ill as well, Just recovering from a bout of bronchitis >:P

i would like to add that it has to be festive to stand a chance, which will render my entry useless

Man, I wish contest wasn’t at the bottom of my to-do list. If some idea falls out o me I might give it a crack.

Getting your art seen by the Udon comics lads can’t be a bad thing.


This could be fun. I’ll try it out.

Ehhhh, Alvin Lee is a punk.

I’d rather pass around a sketch book and get everyone in the Street Fighter challenge to draw someone. That would be way more cool.

you should do that vslash! A long time ago, Rabid Wombat had the idea of everyone submitting to him a piece of artwork to make a book, but it didn’t come through.

Rook, do we have to register at shadowhaxor to enter? or can we enter under our SRK handle.

I’m really bad at doing stuff with great concepts but I’ll give it a try!

^ I think you have to register at the sfdevotion forum (the shadowhaxor URL at the top of the page) before you can enter.

Yeah, its an awesome contest…I cant wait…I am also entering, but I wonder who will win, they might get a contract, lol

in case anyone’s interested, the deadline’s been extended to 25 Dec 2005