SF dingbats


heys uys a while back i was looking for some of the stock sf images in vector form, not actual streetfighter images but stock symbols from streetfighter, things like punch, kick, dp, and so on, this lead me into thinking there got to be a font out there that has all of this, well i searched and couldn’t find one. so i did the next best thing which is make one for us.

Shoryuken dingbats v1

i got most of these images here off of, and big thanks go out to potato.xbe. if this was already posted or made , my bad, i really searched high and low, maybe i just used the wrong keywords. any how check it out. if you have any suggestions or have things you want to add. hit me up i’ll amend it. in the end i just wanted to have a stock icon tool box for all us stick builders out there. god knows how many times over all of these assets have been remade.


Very nice!


cool stuff. now anyone needing these wont need o cut them off existing pictures.


yea that was the hope. i think i got just about everything for stock symbols. was debating adding the other punch and kick symbols (the p in a circle as well as k in a circle) but, that wouldn’t be from the official art.