SF Dubstep/Electro Mix

I thought you might enjoy this, especially considering that all these tournament promo videos are using this electro/dubstep sound.

Honestly, I’ve devoted the past 10 years to drum and bass, but every once in a while a little change is good.

It’s only a minute, hope you like it.



:rofl: I love it!! :rock:

You should post this at Capcom Unity


Gutter trash

There’s a [S]crap [/S]dubstep thread, use that.

Re-opening. I didn’t realize it was stuff you made.

What did you use to make this? How did you get the sound fx?

My DAW has always been Cubase, I just know it too well to switch to anything else. All of my synths and bass patches were built from scratch using NI’s Massive. The drums are breaks/loops that I’ve chopped up and (over)processed, and the sound effects are from CvS and ComputerMusic magazine disks. Really, just trying to make lots of noises, too worn out to think of any musical ideas :slight_smile:

finish it imo. not bad but finish it.

Finish this shit. I love grimy and creative dubstep and the track sounds awesome so far.