SF Expanded Universe Murderer List

In the Street Fighter Universe there sure are alotta murderers-

Akuma - In addition to just about every opponent he faces - Gouken, Goutestu, Bison, Muay Thai Number One Contender.
Bison - Charlie, Dorai Li, T Hawk’s father
Sagat - Go Hibiki
Vega - His father, Countless fighters in cage matches and Bison Ordered hits
Rolento - Responsible for wiping out Doctrine Dark’s squad
Cody/Guy - Belger and various hoods
Cammy/Dolls - political assassinations, (debatable due to the lack of mental capacity and intention)
Urien - possibly his own Brother Gill
Gen - legendary assassin - possibly Geki.

Can anybody add to the list from various sources?

Juni killed her own mother.

Does Sagat’s count as a murder? He and Go fought in what was likely a public and sanctioned match and he didn’t kill Go instantly. Go died of his injuries in the hospital afterwards, although I don’t know how specific the legalities get when it comes to brutal fighting in such things.

Rolento only wipes out Doctrine Dark’s squad in the EX universe, which is a different universe. Although the chances of him not having murdered somewhere down the line seem kinda slim.

Didn’t Rolento kill, or was it accidently kill El Gato’s family?

During their match, Go took out Sagat’s eye, Sagat went K-groove and killed Go.

You forgot to say Charlie x3.

And knowing Balrog(Boxer) probally took out couple of people during his boxing matches, and Birdie probally killed a couple of people in his wrestling matches, and on the streets too.

Can’t be sure for people, but he did kill an elephant.

er… so why did vega kill his dad?

Because his dad abused his mother, who was very beautiful, a big no-no for Vega. His dad was also pretty ugly, which just adds more fuel to ther fire.

Just for the record… the “Li” in “Chun-li” isn’t her surname. So unless her full name is “Li Chun-li,” I don’t think her father is “Dorai Li”

I also wouldn’t call Sagat killing Go Hibiki an act of murder. Manslaughter perhaps, but probably not murder. Doesn’t murder has to be premeditated or something like that?


rook’s correct about Chun Li and Dorai concerning surnames. Capcom’s more than likely forgotten this, but the only last name Capcom ever gave them was Chung.

Pinion, for now the only source for Juni killing her mother is the SF2 Comic’s latest backstory.

Manslaughter occurs when the killer either lacks the intention to take a victims life or loses/lacks the mental capacity in which to understand the nature of the act they are commiting that leads to the death of another. It could be argued that Sagat’s murder was manslaughter if provocation is in play. If as a result of losing his eye, Sagat was driven to a point beyond self control than its manslaughter.