SF (fan?) art request (Ken punching Sak in the guts n she throwin up)

Does anyone have a higher quality (ie not ugly compressed jpeg) version of this pic?


If so, please post it up.

Thanks a lot guys.

Where is your avatar from?

I want to say that someone from SRK made that, but I’m not sure…

It’s from the SF2: Special CE/SNES SF2: HF strat video with Tomo.

here you go


Damn, that was fast! Thanks!

nah it’s some Japanese guy. his website (currently down) is full of characters getting the juice punched out of them. and muscle chicks. it got posted in Something Awful’s “Awful Link of the Day” article. the dude found out about it and made this in retaliation:

then SA goons raided his site. it’s not up anymore. his art is hilarious. :sad: i did try it a few months ago and it worked, so check the link to see if it works later.