sf fanart 2


Found out my site is basically done. Just need to buy a name and get this thing launched. Here are some pieces that are going to be on there.

First is Birdie ken pic. Second is Alex vs Yank and Yun. Peace.


alex vs yun yang.




WOW (x2)!!! :eek:

They’re sooo dark though, it’s kinda hard to see!!!..



i am still drooling over that birdie vs ken pic, but this new pic is awesome!!

please send me a copy of the full resolution of the alex/yang/yun pic to my email, thanks.

i think most ppl will be impressed with the coloring and the character design, but what impressed me the most is the way you flawlessly did a convex-type background. i always told you that you were a mature artist. only someone with years of talent could do a background in that perspective.

great job!


I luv that guy and sagat poster in the back:lol: How sneaky



you should calibrate your monitor. great colors. get on aim. p-ce

thang nay ve cung hay ha. chi cho tao ve di may.


So, you finally released them to the public…

You got to show these to Undoneko(sp?) He is gonna have to let you come aboard.




SFMC…the legend…

Finally SFMC, youve released the hounds…Class A stuff as usual- and here i thought you were saving them for the website…Alex vs Yun and yang- you can almost hear Alex in his saying _(“you Can’t escape!”) honestly these should be covers to streetfighter comics… not to bash any of the other covers ive seen(or the styles) but a few of the ones from guest artists are weak in comparison to yours – defiante -“Put Up or Shut up Material”…:cool:


Very nice work!

I dig the Alex Yun Yang one the best. It’s got the best colors and and not as much dead space as the other one IMO.

Looking forward to seeing your site. And that Cammy Bison thing your workin on.


I have admired each of your drawings,it is simply awesome and i thought I’d mension it, sagat Vs guy was too good, and those 2 are even better. Now that your skills are proven, i look forward to more ambitious work such as… Gen vs Akuma!!!

Sorry but,i always wanted to see this fight,it exist storylinewise but there hasn’t been any picture,and Gen is a kickass assasin,i might be wrong but i think they fought before Gouken was murdered.

Anyway,just that I’d bring that to your attention,but any future drawing you may do will be perfect…just draw some more!!!




Just…wow. Those are GOOD. I especially like the convex pe4rspective ZMaster Zen mentioned. Nice job man. How long have you been drawing?


man, kickass…can’t wait to see your website


Damn dude, you HAVE been busy. And good taste in character selection, to boot :cool:


Ah man you guys are too nice.

Seba thx and calibrate your monitor sometime it may show up better. It is dark though.

Zen always good to hear from you as I know and everyone knows you are good.

kz. Thx hehe yeah I slipped that in to show that it is mine.

Dreaded my monitor in my room is calibarted but not this one.

Deo yeah you already seen these, but thx man and hope your characters are coming along.

Gunstar. Too much credit. I’m no legend. Thx a zillion for the feedback.

cp yeah Birdie pic wanted more bg to show I can draw it. Thx man, good eye as it does have tons of negative space.

super. Thx alot and that means alot. gen vs Akuma could be possible, but for now I got a lot to work on.

Motoki. Thax a bunch bro.

Sweet. Wow actually giving me a good comment. Or is it ruthlessly bad?

Dragon thx and been drawing since first grade. Too busy playing games during pre.

Thx general tso’s chicken. Thats your tags on the trash bin. You made it look better. Staright cut and pasted your tags and painted over with a charcoal brush.

Hyper thax man! We need to finish our tie breaker from last year. 3 to 3. You still a rank? Havent played you in a while.


I haven’t seen you on in a coon’s age :lol:
I’m almost never on anymore, that’s the only reason I’m still a rank, just about everybody’s better than me these days :wasted:
If you wanna hit it up sometime, just name the day/time, it’d be a blast to play again.


Heh, beautiful, as usual. You make me weep green tears of envy. Anyone dare critique? I do :stuck_out_tongue: Even though your work is damn near flawless, you always seem to give everyone good critique on their work, so you deserve some too. :slight_smile: Hope you don’t mind the nitpicking.

Birdie vs Ken: not much to say about this one… Maybe exagerrate Birdie’s pose a little more, and possibly pop slightly darker shadow right under his feet. Seems to be floating ever so slightly.

Alex vs Twins: Beautiful atmosphere. The posing feels kinda stiff though. I’m not quite feeling the weight of that power bomb. There’s a few things I can point out that are taking away from it. Alex’s hair, overalls strap, and shoelaces are all static, rather than flying up like Yang’s shoelaces. Yang’s posing seems too relaxed; doesn’t quite read like he’s in pain.(maybe he got thrown out of a dizzy? :p) I think the main thing that seems a little odd though, is how Alex is holding Yang. He looks like he’s holding him gingerly, trying not to crush him. If Alex were really holding him hard enough to do a power bomb, he should really be squeezing him hardcore. Yang’s clothes and side should compress quite a bit so it looks like Alex has a secure grip.

That’s all I got ^_~ Beat ass stuff. I shall add ithem to the SFMC folder I have on my computer.


This is… very cool work, i totally love your colours. Between the two, i think i like the Birdie Vs Ken slightly more, i can’t explain why though. I have to agree with GUNSTAR, this is better than some of the guest covers.