SF Fanart contest.....Summer theme

So i guess they’re back to a theme again, the first one was what? girls vs. guys? the second one didnt really have a theme, and now summer fun :smiley:

i keep telling my self to enter but never really find the time to, but now summer is here i might just get one in, who else is planning to enter?? i dont see many of the entries from this board, come on zen u know u want to :stuck_out_tongue: do i hear an encore sfmc? seba_boi, chainwhore, i wanna see u guys enter too, and all u other peeps


I think deadlines almost up though. SFMC told me last week I had about a week. So much for that…

Of course I hope it isn’t true.

I’ve heard two diffrent dates…

one is the end of this month and the other is July 31st. I havent even gotten fucking started. There are so many option that u can do with this project.

well in issue 7 at the fanart page, it said july 31st, so u guys have about a month i guess

Hitshiro, can you post all the details of the contest as listed in issue 7? I haven’t been keeping up with the comic series(although I wish I were) I might actually do something :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

ahh alright,

here’s what it says in the comic


Ok, what better way to kick off the new series than with a new fan art contest?! It’s Spring and Summer is just around the corner so what we’re looking for is your best Street Fighter drawings depicting the theme ‘Summer Fun’. Itching to draw Chun-li in a bikini, dying to show Ken catching some waves? Show us! The deadline is July 31 so get going!!!”



Chainwhore shame on u for not keeping up with the comics:lol:
well imma try and wip somethin up for the contest, hope to see u guys’ stuff too

Had a idea I’m fleshing out today.

I hope summer at the beach is okay. I thought the last contest had to have a beach theme. I’m a little out of the loop on all this.

I hope I ain’t too late. What do I put int subject line if I send it electronically?

hitshiro, Dreaded Fist, CHAiNwhore, Deonysios post your entries here. I’m gonna.

These contests usually doesn’t accept entries from Canadian residents… So I’m probably out…

so sorry…

Are you really?..

:lol: well i dont see any rules, why cant canadians enter? just because the comic is made in canada? that’s a stupid rule…

i think they’re accepting entries from anywhere

i’ll post my pic here if i ever get to doing it

yes indeed.

so deadline is july 31st. That should give me plenty of time then.

Hooray for me!

i finally have an idea and it’s pretty solid. I would tell you guy’s buuuuut…

Hooray for me!

Fair enough.

Maybe we should all post at the same time;)

What other regulations are there?.. (Paper size, colored/b/w, etc…)

Man I have no idea when the contest starts and ends because the scheduling is all f’ed up. they don’t tell you what issue it’s going to be printed on and it’s all just confusing. Hope you guys enter this to rep srk, but I am retired for doing these contest. Good luck to all.

I want to do a back-up story already!

They should ask you.

I’d be keen to see it.

Whatever happened to that Cammy Vs Bison comic you were working on?

Mines all ready just got to scann it before I head off to my next chalking destination. PARIS!

Public service annocement

I’m a bad speller.

No. I just posted my Entry in my Gallery. Post your entries fellas! I dares ya!

done already Cap?

looks good. I liked the colors. You guys kill me with them damn watercolors, cuz watercolors < me

Anywayz, I finally started and its looking good. I kind of ran outta room so Im gonna have to draw the rest on another sheet and cut n paste. I’ll post the sketch by the weekend.

done already Cap?

Thanks man.

Yeah I’m a speedy worker. And wish I’d work longer on the piece. But I’m travelling alot at the mo’ so thats the way it goes I guess. Interested in seeing your work. I’m waiting with baited eyeballs.