Sf fanart

Here are some streetfightetr fanart that i did couple months ago.

First is sagat and guy.

Second is rose and charlie.

Havent posted in a while so here you go.

Second one.

not bad, not bad… why wasn’t the drawing you did for me this good? I know someone who would love to see these if you wanna email him. pm, he might hook you up man.


I remeber that Sagat pick. The rose/charlie one is new to me though. Very nice poses. Whats with the two diffrent coloring styles? The Sagate one looks more capcomish and the other is more of your style.

u should of made them bigger. like wallpaper size, cuz those are very nice.

…holy shit, bro…:eek:

Bravo… Bravo…

Very Impressive!!!

That’s what I’m talkin about. I’ve been hoping you’d post the Rose pic. It’s choice!!! She’s a fun character to render.

Do you draw for any comic stories? I there anywhere I can see your work in a sequential form?

I’m blown away! It’s good to see you posting more. High quality stuff!!!

The Muntmeister

First pic reminds me of Fight Club…buncha regular lookin guys (one’s even got a tie), with the exception of Sagat and Guy, fighting in a basement.

Rose-Charlie is new… I like it better than Sagat-Guy, probably the colours and the angle work better for me.

I know I’ve called you on this before, but I’m beginning to accept it as something that’s uniquely yours (almost stylistic even) - you’ve got a knack for capturing a scene as if it’s frozen in time… almost like a (very sharp) screenshot. It’s the only thing that I’m still not totally comfortable with, but nonetheless it’s awesome :slight_smile:


do you have a website?

Looks Great. The Color and sense of action on both are great. Look foward to seeing some more.(’:eek:’)

All I can say is wow! That is some mad skills you have there. Are you going to more ?

Damn guys thanks for the props! Yeah my stuff seems like motion cap sometimes, but I can’t help it heh. I was supposed to get a site up last dec, but I got too much stuff to do and new pieces I must work on. Oh and deo the reason for the diff style color may be due to different situation of light. Color schemes can’t always look the same as you gotta paint dark, evening, and morning lights.

Peace out guys.

i rarely saw good pics in this forum but yours’ are good.

I seriously could see you doing covers for dreamwave on the street fighter comic. You fuckin need to send submissions to them. Are you willing to color art, cuz i’m almost done with finishing my ken but i can’t color.

Looks like Charlie’s getting a free peep show there! :smiley:

Awesome work as always!:cool:

:slight_smile: No queda duda que eres uno de los mejores artistas en Shoryuken!

Concuerdo! SMFC es un artista fantstico.

Woooo SFMC you rock dude. I’ve been saving your pics since god knows when (uh oh ego booster). Colouring feels very fairy-talish to me. Rose seems a little dwarf-ish short, maybe because of the foreshortening of her arm. But Charlie… wow… a very tricky pose and you pulled it off well man. Don’t submit this to future SF fanart contest so I might have a chance to win.:smiley: Hehe jk… (OR AM I???)