SF Girls Groupshot Wallpaper

The art is from the Street Fighter Tribute artbook by UDON. For more details, check out this thread to special order it while you can.


I would have your baby, but i got man parts yo. Good work as always PS =]

needs moar ass and crotch shots…

especially on Viper. she’s a Black-a-nese

Hmm . .there are only 12 girls in the street fighter saga (minus EX) … damnz. It seems like there are way more than that. . .

Elena’s lookin’ pretty bangin’.

no offense but the preview art is garbage

arnold tsang has really leveled up and that hugo/cammy is nice but




edit:-removed, just in case…

Twelve titties!

haha oh crap, didn’t notice.

Did you draw that?
Ryu and Ken still looked like guys though.

nah I saw it on some random japanese site sometime back.

I agree, Ryu ended up looking like a butch dyke. :rofl:
Ken looked a little better.

there’s another ryu pic that’s more petite/feminine:


Here’s the original pic that I rearranged the wallpaper from.

SF girls really spread their legs.

that group pic is fuckin hot…

After seeing this wallpaper, I came to realize a truth, and that is this:
Goddammit, I fucking love Crimson Viper.