SF II Issue #2 Covers A B & Foil Shipping this Wednesday the 25th

US retailers will be receiving SF II Issue #2 Cover A, B, & C Foil on Jan. 25th as confirmed on our invoices for next week.
Also, the Superwide Street Jam Poster is also being re-released, and the Akuma 8-inch Bust as well.

No, the #1 Foil is still not listed.

Cory K

do u know why diamond hasnt put it on the shipping list?

How much will this one cost? The last one cost more than I thought it would.

Yeah! Only 25 days late! Awesome!

Will they even release #1 Power Foil? Glad to hear the next issue is coming finally.

First, I apologize the problems that happen with Power Foil #1. The book is printed. I have copies in my hand right now. So what is the problem? Admittedly (as I have explained before, these Power Foils takes a LOT of extra time to print), the book is shipping later than the designated time frame. So Diamond has a policy that if the book is not shipped within the designated time frame, they have to do “order adjustment” and they will ask all the retailers if they wish to adjust their amount of copies ordered. That takes an extra 3 weeks to process, and that is why they are holding the book until they get the revised orders. Then they will be shipping the books out.

I will keep you posted as to when the orders are in and the book will be shipped.

For those guys who always “boo” us, yes, we are still learning everyday. So, keep yay-ing or nay-ing. Keep it coming!

I see. I’m just surprised that #2 is being released before the #1 Power Foil.

#2 still ships within the window… that’s why.

How often my questions go unanswered. Price? Udoneko? Anybody?

WTF? London still doesn’t have issue 1! This is taking the piss. At least I have my Cammy/Felicia posters.

Sorry Y2Dane, missed your question. Power Foils now have a suggested retail price of $12.50. Coz a lot of people has been complaining about the various prices that the retailers have been charging while we offered them at a fixed cost before. So starting from this series, all PF covers bears a 12.50 retail price tag in the catalog (not printed on the cover thou). The regular issues are 2.95 each, with issue 1 at 3.95 coz it is a jumbo size issue with more interior pages.

And MatrixDub - you should be able to ask your retailer to re-order issue 1 for you. That book was shipped in December!

I guess you guys have hired consultants to ease the adjustment period from being part of the Devil’s Due stable of studios to becoming self-publishing? I figure you’d get some help from some of the ex-Dreamwave people as well? You guys are like the PREMIER studio in Canada now, after DW went under… I hope you guys at UDON carry to torch well, and not make the same mistakes as DW did… and yeah… Speakeasy and Arcana Studios don’t count!! lol


Will you also be stocking the Akuma bust in addition to the comics and poster?

Yes it was, I got both covers the day it came out. What shops have you been checking? The 2nd print with Sagat cover could be out earliest of next week according to Diamond’s expected list for 02.01.06.

And according to Newsarama and Diamond’s “Shipping Changes as of 01.23.06”…

Sorry, guys. However, it’ll give me some time to save up for such an awesome Jo Chen cover though.

Will the #2 RAW edition be included in the shipment?

The #2 Raw edition is not shipping this week.
ShinJN: Yep. Check PM

Got my hands on issue 2.

I liked the main story, the Ryu/Sagat/Dhalsim stuff really reminded me of SF2V where Dhalsim trained both. Didn’t think Ryu would lose this time against Sagat, I suppose he’ll have to rise to the occasion during the SF2 Tourney. T.Hawk chasing both Noembulu and Juli, that rocks! I liked Chun-Li’s second player Zero/Alpha clothes. Great pencils as usual!

Wasn’t too crazy about the back up. The artwork was nice but I wasn’t digging the storytelling images from the artist too much. When Sagat got all vein-y and caught a nose bleed, was that because he was angry or did Dhalsim do something to him, like, I dunno, make him stand still or something like he did to E.Honda in the SF2 Animated Movie? Either/or it was kind of… bizarre, because when people catch nose bleeds in Anime / Manga, um, it means that they’ve been sexually aroused. I know this comic isn’t Anime / Manga but much of it’s look usually is, right down to the beads of sweat on the back of people’s heads… seemed wierd. Dhalsim stretchng the mid section of his body was really bizarre as well. He’d have to like… unhinge his spinal cord to do that I’d imagine… well, maybe I shouldn’t think about it a lot. The story itself was cool and all.

More and more Rey’s look on RS is growing on me. Daigo vs. Hyo was great, loved seeing Daigo get all bloody, and Hyo’s slice, really cool! Sakura training Hinata is a nice touch. Can’t wait for RS 1!

Shinkiro interview - good stuff!

Great issue overall! :clap:

That’s kind of the impression I got. I just figured Dhalsim may not be a really, really gifted fighter, but his ability to understand and manipulate ki is very refined to the point where he can paralyze someone (Honda/SF2 Movie) or induce instant internal trauma like he did to Sagat in this backup.

Got # 2. I see the full lenght main story arc from issue #1 was just a tempory thing. That’s unfortunate. I don’t read any other comic book besides this one, is this how they all are nowadays? Half the book one thing, the other half another?

On to the issue itself, more good stuff. Again the artist was born to draw SF, it’s in his blood. Can’t say enough good things about his art. I loved Ryu hurricane kicking over Sagat’s low tiger shot. That’s classic shit right there.

Serious lack in Ken in this issue, I’d like to know what he’s up to also. Somewhere along the line it’s going to have to be addressed why Ryu is the one who does all the training and spends his life with karate, whereas Ken is more of a slacker in that aspect yet is always right there with Ryu in terms of skill. Maybe it can be said that Ken simply has more natural talent.

Did Shinkiro used to work at SNK? I’m pretty sure his shit looks like SNK’s style. I didn’t think his interview was all that, he seemed to not answer the questions that he was being asked. Or if he did answer them it was like he was busy at the time or just didn’t want to talk about it. Could just be the editing.

Overall, good shit.

Great issue as usual.I am dissappointed that Sakura is gone but I have high hopes she will return at some point in the street fighter story.It was great to see how the whole Dhalsim,sagat,Ryu meeting was setup and then Sagat BEATING Ryu after his training with dhalsim was too good. Bring back Dan,Karin,and r. mika soon before its too late!