SF II Issue #2 Story Synopsis Released

From Diamond Previews for October Solicitations (December Release):

No pics yet, post them if you’ve got them.

Cory K

The Sagat vs Ryu fight is at issue 2? Shouldnt that be on the quarter-finals of the tournament or something like that?

So, what was the synopsis for Street Fighter 2 Issue 1?

Sagat vs. Ryu at Issue 2 already? I guesss they won’t fight in the tournament. Then again, they never did have their true fight in the Street Fighter 2 tournament anyway.

Here’s hoping for more Cammy, Karin and Rose action. When will Rose fight Bison? I hope she gives him a good beating like in the US Street Fighter animated series.

Sagat v. Ryu is the finale in the first Street Fighter game, so it sets up the entire SF universe, IMO. Looking forward to it!

Bison would own Rose, he’s suppossed to be one of the most powerful fighters some people tend to forget that… :rolleyes:

Remember that’s why Ryu is going to India, to search for and fight Sagat “the only man who took me to my limits” -issue 14.

No, if you read Tiamat’s plot guide, you’ll learn that Rose is the only character that can give Bison a fair one on one fight. Bison is Tier 2 and Rose is Tier 3. So, Bison owning Rose isn’t a guarantee.

Did Bison not fuse with Rose to balance good and evil(SFAIII) or find a new host?

And yes. Indeed. If Ryu did not Gou-Shoryukened Sagat(evil intent awakened) in his chest, the Street Fighter uni would be doomed. Glad Ken did not participate here. He’d probably get powned by Ryu, too. Not that it never happens.

Ah yes, Rose Owned Bison, but Before Bison died he transfered his soul to Rose, thus Finding a new body to come back for SF2, thats why he’s skinner in SF2

No Sakura in sight makes Dez sad.

As long as it’s not one of UDON’s five-page no-fights, I’m game.I want a long, drawn out, epic. Anything less would be a disappointment. Same thing for Bison vs. Rose. and Vega/Ken III. C’mon UDON, we know you can do it!

Couldn’t they like increase the number of pages too? I just find these comics far too short.

Speaking of Rose, I thought we were getting her origin story in #15. Since they’re reloading, what are they doing now. I’m really not interested in Ryu at the moment, I want to see a little more light shed on lesser known characters like Rose.

I agree. I was never interested in Ryu (or Chun-Li, or Cammy…)but I patiently sat threw #14 issues of him just so I could get M.Bison’s(and Rose’s) origin. Sometimes I kinda wish UDON did more stuff like devote a whole issue(one in between storyarcs)to one character or serialized the adventures of a lesser character in the back-up stories for a few issues. But, with UDON’s limited hold on the license, I know we’re “stuck wit what we stuck wit”.