SF II KOURYU? Come on now

Seriously now, out of ALL the games they could potentially add to the GGPO roster, they decided to go with a CE hack??? :annoy:

Hell, I could choose SSF II, KOF '96, or even Samurai Shodown III over that piece of crap. Damn, just throw the other two SF III games in there, too. What happened to good games like the RB series?

What’s next, are they gonna include all the KOF 2002 hacks now?

I think they really dropped the ball on this one…

yeah lol, i found it weird they added that hacked version… what is ponder thinking?

Maybe you should come play some koryu with the cool people instead of making whiny posts about rather having a different game you probably wouldnt play anyway.

Hey if you dont like it then dont play it.

If you want the Real Bout series then try asking Ponder to put it in. (It definetly should be in too)

The person who gave Ponder the SCII CD key got to pick 8 games to go on GGPO. This was one of them. He still has a few picks left, too.

Where did you find this out from?

If that’s true, he’s trolling the shit out of us, lol.
There’s tons of good games people would love to see added.

Real Bout 2
Night Warriors

Rage of the Dragons
Metal Slug 3
2nd Impact

Lol jk, when the hell is that game gonna be fully emulated anyway :frowning:

There was discussion about this on #GGPO before it switched servers. IT was even the channel topic for a while. If you’re into more recent evidence: in #capcom check your logs on 10/11/2009 and you’ll see discussion about it. It’s Trag who is making the choices. Send him love mail. I don’t think we’re supposed to post logs or else I would.

We need more Samurai Shodown!!!

And also, RB2… I think those are the major games that aren’t supported.

*fixed sorry but until they add that the other games can wait.

add kizuna encounter/ metal slug 3 : \

Craaazy. What else has he picked so far?

I know, seriously. SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. Let’s go.

I’d love to see Samurai Shodown IV, that was such a fun game back in the day.


Shoulda gotten Ponder the SC2 key, oops you didn’t so stop bitching.

I believe SFAE was one of his picks too.

And mizuki is on the fucking money. Stop whining. You can play unsupported games by making a savestate and renaming your zip. I did this for Karnov’s and other SNK games before they were supported, you can too. Just because GGPO doesn’t have a nice little room which one person will be in doesn’t mean you can’t play it :slight_smile:

Yah, and your only way of playing whatever game is to find a friend willing to play it or sit in a chatroom begging people to download the game like I’ve seen people do in the 3s room.

Seriously, anything FBA supports you can play doing that.

Add Magical Drop III please.