SF II Turbo Tournament character question


I’m planning some Street Fighter II Turbo tournaments soon and I’m wondering about fair character choices.
In a 3 out of 5, I like winner-stays, loser-picks.

Who picks first in game-one?
Is it double-blind?
Or is game-one a public Character Lock?


Free choice for both players, you have as long as the CPU timer allows you to change character before is up.


I like that better than double blind…but it’s a bit of a meta mini game. Is it 30 seconds?


meta mini game indeed, and yes its almost 30 seconds.

game 2 and subsequent games loser picks, winner stays


I’m glad to hear you’ll be joining tournaments soon!

Anyone picks characters in game 1. If you or your opponent refuses to pick first, you can ask to do a double blind select. This is where you and your opponent both tell a 3rd party person which character you want to play. Then you both pick. If for some reason one of you picks another character that you didn’t tell the 3rd party about, you HAVE to pick that char that you said you would.

As far as character lock, it depends on the rules of the tournament. Most places don’t do character locks, and you’re free to pick whatever character you want at the beginning of the match or when you lose a match. If you win a match, you have to stick with that winning character.