SF III: 3s - PS2 vs. X-Box Differences? (if any)

I heard timing and what not were diffrent, is that true or just rumors?

I’m trying to get into this game seriously, I have a X-Box @ the house but no PS2 (yet) - So what version is better or closer to the arcade?

Any help would be great and sorry if this was posted before but I never come into Fighting Game Discussion.

The one for PS2 is better because you can’t do your moves right on x-box.

the timing on the ps2 is very very close you can’t even tell and the controller is beter for moves and combos.

WTH you talking about? What moves can’t “you” do right?

What I mean is that the controls are wrong.

Explain? 'Cuase it sounds like you’re saying that the directional controls for doing the moves are wrong.

Let me put it this way…it would be a whole lot better to do the moves with a PS2 controller than a x-box controller

I have both the PS2 and Xbox 3s, people say there may be a slight speed difference, but I aven’t noticed. There is definately a slight difference between the DC version and either of those, may be convertor problems or something. But IMO if you have an xbox already the xbox version will be fine…

Ahh…I see. But isn’t that only a problem for you? Don’t most people on here use arcade sticks anyways? And I can do all the moves/combos on both with no problem (well, the combos that I can do anyway).

Good point

I knew the DC ver was fucked, I can’t parry or wake up on DC but I’m cool on PS2 have yet to play it on X-Box.

aye, it seems that you need to attend more console tourneys. Im starting to see alot of players using PS2 controllers now than ever before. SC2, Tekken 5, GGX2#R, CVS2, MVC2, and VF4E are a few games that i see players using controllers on. PS2 controller is definitely user friendly compare to a joystick considering most people will be familiar with a PS2 controller first before they even touch a joystick. Joystick is more advance, but almost all moves and combos can be pulled off with a PS2 controller too.

I havent play the SF3rdstrike xbox version, but my choice would definitely be the PS2 version just because their controller kick ass.

I don’t see any difference in the PS2 - Xbox versions… and like stated earlier. As far as controlls are concerned, seems the same to me. (I use an arcade stick btw)

The PS2 version feels looser…probably because when I play on Xbox, I use a converter for my HRAP. I believe that no matter how well your joystick is made, a converter will change the efficiency of it. So, if you have a joystick with an Xbox PCB in it, you are good to go. But if you use some sort of converter, its not the same.

I think the only difference between the Xbox and PS2 versions are that the Xbox has 5.1 sound while PS2 is stereo. I remember reading that somewhere. Basically, the Xbox version is a PS2 port with more sound options.

Your’re not all that

The PS2 and Xbox base controllers are ass.

I have the Xbox version and use a magicbox converter + Sega Saturn pad.

We did a side by side comparison of the DC and Xbox versions … Major, major differences. For one, the characters are noticably smaller (Dudley was shorter, and Hugo was “thinner” or “less wide”) on the DC. The character protraits were smaller on DC, the color was washed out when compared to Xbox, the sound sucked when compared to Xbox.

I was surprised myself, cause I am a DC fanboy of the highest order. But its all true.

As for the PS2 vs. Xbox. Both are nearly identical from what I could tell. I thought that the characters looked a tad smaller on PS2, but I’m not sure, I’d have to do a side by side comparison like we did w/ the DC version.

Both control the same, it’s just that the shoulder buttons are reversed on the Xbox version (you can fix this in the options btw).

Strangely enough, the default on Xbox lines the buttons up perfectly for the Saturn controller. Which is nice.

Overall if you want online play (which is really surprisingly smooth) go with the Xbox. Otherwise, just get one or the other it don’t matter.

tell me why I should care about what you have to say to me?

If we are talking overall. i prefer the xbox version. better picture quality, better sound possibilities too. and it plays just fine. but yeah, xbox version can suck if you have to use a converter or the shitty pad. luckily my stick is wired for xbox. basically both version play exactly the same. i’ve tested so much stuff on both versions and i cant find any differences. you can safely go back and forth between both versions with no problems whatsoever. sometimes i do feel like the ps2 version is faster. but thats probably because i play the ps2 version after im done at the arcade for the day, and we all know console versions are faster than the arcade version…

Thank you very much, all of you.

I’m going to go with the X-Box cause I do want online play as well - I’m getting used to X-Box Controls thanks to GGXX#R.

How does the tried and true MAS stick work on XB?, How can I get a nice Homebrew without “delay” that has been talked about?

I’m a big guy with big hands - I need a REAL stick (MAS/Homebrew) the shit from EB, etc. won’t cut it.

Get one for ps2 and one for xbox, then get a stick with a ps2 connect and a xbox connect.