SF in Ramstein AB, Germany


Hey everybody, I just got assigned here, and being as huge as a base this is I figured there had to be some SF players here. Looking for some friendly comp to play against.

So Ramstein players post here.


Hardedge.org - Fighting with style

There already is a Germany thread here, but just know that 99% of them post on hardedge. Pay attention to the meetings&matches thread on hardedge, there’s events to attend here. Feel free to add me on live if you want. I don’t visit Ramstein often, but I can tell you no one from Spangdahlem or Ramstein plays competitively, or don’t know anything about SRK because no one (airforce) has ever popped up until now.


Hey Ferro!

I live right next to Ramstein, (in the KTown area) and always down to play some SF.

I will shoot an invite to you real soon.


clears throat Hi.

Yeah, Hardedge is the way to go if you want to go to German tournies, which are a blast. But I live about 30 minutes away from Ramstein AB. I usually play at the Vogelweh community center if you can manage the 10 minute drive. If not, just hit me up on PSN or PM me. I’m sure we can arrange something. I’ve been needing some SF buddies ever since I’ve moved here.


I had this problem at Mildenhall… and after a year, I built up my own scene from previously casual players. It’s not impossible to do again. I’m PCSing to GK in November… If you guys are still around, lets start working this issue.


Still no one in the Vilseck/Nuremberg area. Its cool though, I leave Germany in November.


You guys do 3DS? I know there’s a bunch of us playing on the 3ds…

Go to:


It’s PCS season, still look for peeps for UMVC3 and AE, I’ll be on this base for next to forever so hit me up.


Nice. Let others know about this website and “like” the 3ds Ramstein Facebook site. I’m having a hard time finding players in the area.


Holy shit, people here play? I had no idea, although I guess I haven’t really looked around… despite living in the area for almost 13 years


Anyone play Tekken in the area? I am moving to K-Town in June.


Kinda late, sorry. We’re pretty much only playing Marvel nowadays. Give us a PM if you’re down.


MvC3? I never really got into that game. I can hold my own in MvC2.