SF in SK non-existent TT


I moved to S.Korea… and I can’t find anyone playing SF. Bought and an XBOX… nobody on xbox live. Traveled to several arcades, but everything is just tekken… Nothing on windows live either.

Is there really just no scene here for SF, does anybody know?

Check the Korea thread in world matchmaking.

Definitely check the Korea thread. There’s a thriving scene over there.

There’s Cong Tuh at Nambu Terminal station that’s literally a 24 hour hub of Street Fighter/Virtua Fighter/Marvel. We also literally just started a SRK Korea Kakaotalk group, just gotta get at me or Philly-one on Kakaotalk to get in there.

As for playing on live, change your region to Japan, profit.

Also, just in case you have trouble finding the Korea thread in the regional forums: