SF in Vicenza army post or Aviano AB


Getting together more players in the area to spar or hangout


see you @ the BOSS lounge tomorrow. xD


We play 3rd STRIKE (and only that :P) in Mestre, and sometimes there are tournaments in Milan or Rome. PM me if interested!


sounds good eventhough i’m not a third strike player but mestre is not far from vicenza. What are the times and dates you guys meet up


I have my car so i am looking to host. I play mostly street fighter Ae but any game is welcome


Reviving this old thread for one thing… I will start hosting bi-weeklys in soon. It will be held on Caserma Ederle Army post in Vicenza and I can alternate in Aviano Air Base in Pordenone. I will have Street Fighter AE and UMVC3 on hand for xbox.


Bump. Posting from Aviano. Any of this still going on?


some does still go on, but not much. always looking for guys/gals that want to get together.