SF Issue 6 Spoiler Thread


Another great Ish!

Retsu in the house! Seeing him getting beat down by young Satsui No Ryu was a trip.

Great explanation on how Sakura gets the white headband!

So, Rose leaves Cammy in front of M1-6 instead of Balrog(Ninja), interesting!

I wonder if Gouki will actually sign up for the SF2 Tourney…

I kind of wanted the ‘core four’ to meet up, but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit more. Take a bow, Studio Udon!



i just picked it up havent read it yet. i was torn between the alvin lee and power foil cover. but i stuck with good ol alvin. the akuma one was cool but i really like the shotokan cover and besides i dont want to shell out 15 bucks for it, not after i paid 20 for shinkiro

okay im done reading. i thought it was alright. the sakura thing was pretty funny. overall the first arc was pretty cool, even with some flaws it was still great. great job udon. us fans appreciate your efforts and dedication.

i am eagerly waitting for the second. i wish u guys the best and street fighter great longevity. keep em comming.


HOT DAMN that was a cool fight. Seeing Akuma rape everyone was tight.

BWAHAHAH, Ryu gets stuck with Sakky! That’s funny as hell to me for some reason. Although I guess this means the end of Kei, unless she tags along as well.

I can’t wait for Cammy’s story to evolve. There has always been so much untapped potential in Delta Red Cammy.


Akuma: kicks Ken’s ass You’re not focused. You’re pussywhipped, aren’t you?

Ken: :o


Akuma: bitchslaps Sakura with complete abandon

Ryu: :mad: gets owned




All that stuff in the cheap shots about accepting 'Gief is extra funny if you know he’s really Gay!



ok, Ryu/Ken vs. Akuma fight was tight. Akuma just show ryu and ken what’s up.

:lol: Sakura getting bitch slap was phat. She had it coming anywayz for being stupid and thinking she can hang with akuma. :lol: i wish akuma would slap her twice again. sigh my favorite moment in the SF storyline now. :lol:

Sakura: ryu ill even fight this guy to prove myself
worthy *runs up to akuma"
Ryu: wait, what the hell are you doing?
Akuma: hmmm… this girl running towards me looks very similiar. ah-ha the dragon ball z scene with cell and satan. Now to show my version of the 1 hand bitch slap. sakura runs up to akuma and BANG, Akuma bitch slap sakura’s candy ass across the tree into Kei:lol:
Sakura: note to self, your not Mr. Satan here.


Master Akuma is a happy person with happy feelings all of the time.


Excellent issue from start to finish!

I liked seeing Retsu get owned by Ryu. What the hell was Sakura thinking? :smiley: Akuma was a total badass…not only did he put the smackdown on Ken, he told him straight-up why he sucked so bad. :lol: Gotta ditch the people you care about…

Loved the Cheap Shots…Zangief has come a long way :slight_smile: Looks like he’s a little too excited in the last panel… :lol:


Good Stuff!!!..

I loved the Cheap Shot with Zangief. Simply loved it. I’ve always liked Zangief so it got me kinda emotional. Good Stuff indeed!..



Master Gouken: “Stand down, Ryu!”

…Is that suppose to be a typo? It’s suppose to be “Stand UP Ryu!”, right?

If not, what does Stand down mean?

Pretty good issue by the way, keep it up.


Stand down is like “back off”


I like how Ryu as a little kid did a jump kick just like in A3. TIGHT.


Not enough praise has been given to this great ending issue to the first arc. It was awesome, and made my day! Some loose ends were tied, the action was intense, and (the greatest) I was surprized by events in the storyline. So I was definately happy with this and I only know I’m more excited for the next arc. It’s gonna be a hell of a lot of surprizes I’m sure. Cheapshots…funny as ever. Great.
Thanks Udon! You done us proud.


We try… every day… we try…

Thank you all for your kind words. I am glad that you are liking issue 6. We spend a lot of time building things up to where this is. From day one, this fight is what we planned for as the end of the first arc. Gotta end it with a bang you know? And I am very happy as to how this turns out.

Now going back to making the next epic arc…


Great issue. Sakura’s random challenge (HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!) seemed really dumb of her at first, but then you realize she really wasn’t paying any attention to Akuma’s fighting earlier. :stuck_out_tongue:

Retsu’s appearance = dope. Finally, a nod to one of SF1’s leftover characters.

Sakura travelling with Ryu is a potential good idea but it could just as easily destroy Sakura’s character if she goes too far into the goofy sidekick stereotype. I’ll wait and see how it plays out before I say more about it.

There’s only one minor thing I didn’t like: when Sakura bows respectfully to Ryu, her hands are behind her back. In Japan women are taught and expected to put their hands crossed in their lap when they bow, especially when showing respect. Minor nitpick, though.

Well done Udon! Try Next Stage!


anyone else think cheap shots is the best comic tribute to SF so far? it rings true and you can tell the artist is committed man. when some artists are like oh i never heard of character X, but … it’s a bit of a letdown even if the art is awesome. so kudos to you for picking a page an issue to tell it like it was!


man, i had to jump on that akuma cover… its pimp.

as for the comic, it was bad ass. much props to the udon staff for such a good comic! keep it up.:cool:

cant wait till the next one.


I liked how Gouki described why he killed Gouken. Gouki is not that evil, he just lives by his own warrior’s code. He may be evil by our standards, but the fact is that in that issue he could of killed Ken, Ryu, Guile and Sakura easy but he didn’t. He won’t murder you if you are not on his level. The Comic captured this aspect of Gouki perfectly.

It was really cool that Ken tried to smack Gouki with a flaming Shoryuken. In the Japanese Version of SF3 Second Impact, when Ken goes up against Gouki he remarks that he wants to see Ken’s Burning Fist once more. If Gouki caught a glmpse of Ken’s fist while he was teleporting away, that fits very well.

Sakura training with Ryu reminds me of her Pocket Fighter ending. Ryu’s not very enthusiastic about training Sakura in that game either.

My absolute favorite part was when Ryu smacked Gouki with a Super Hurricane Kick.

I like how Satsui No Ryu is depicted the way he would actually really be like, and not doing things like performing the Shun Goku Satsu, a move he’s probably never even seen.

Of course I buy every single cover and foil cover! If you didn’t know that, let me introduce myself, ‘my name is sano…’


… (The sound of speechless-ness).

Wow, I am so impressed with issue 6, it really was exceptional. Congratulations on Udon for creating such an astounding comic and for reaching it’s first major milestone (excluding the launch -obviously). [HUGE APPLAUSE by me]

I really love the way in which the flashbacks were integrated into the very cool showdown, the whole atmosphere is very reminiscent of the one found in issue 0 which i loved.

I wasn’t however so keen on the switch of artist at the end, i think it would only have been fitting for Arnold or Alvin to have illustrated that scene.

I, for one really appreciate the comments left by Erik and all the artists at the end. Though, i’m really disappointed with Alvin - not for his art, but for the fact that he smokes. As a non-smoker, it pains me to see someone so talented killing himself.



Same here… LOL. I am a non-smoker/borderline anti-smoker and at one point, I actually managed to get Alvin to quit smoking… but I guess the pressure of work got on him and he started again…